Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kayla's 5th Birthday...

 Happy Birthday Kayla!
 Kai and his little friend Olivia.
 Face painting.  Kayla getting a butterfly!
 Van was next in line.
Cake time!
 The aftermath of face painting.
I wonder how long it'll take before it completely comes off?

Thanks Aunty Sam!

 Thanks Aunty Sam!
 So, can we eat them Mum?
 One happy boy!
Kai testing it out.

Cricket season is over.

 Kai getting involved.
 Maybe he'll be a wicket keeper.
 Rehydrating.  Enjoying being back after he missed out a bit from his broken arm.
 Kai's out of his cot and into a bed.
The boys messing about.

Howard's 6th Birthday!

 Check out that banner!
 Howard, Hugh and Vance.  Buddies from school.
 Van loves  party hat!
 A pig that has been spit roasted! It was awesome!  In fact ALL the food was fantastic!
 Birthday Cake!
 Yummy traditional cakes.
More delicious food!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dripstone and Unexpected Pops..

 The last public holiday for the year!

 Dripstone Beach Park for lunch.

 Pops for a sleep over!

Van on Pops' Hot Wheels!

 Kai was a little hesitant.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Hugh's 6th Bday Party.

Ready for some balloon games!
Lolly bags and time for pass the parcel.
Searching for hermit crabs.
Kicking the footy.


This cute little guy almost got smooshed by Vince when he was doing the compost.  Hopefully he doesn't keep going back in there!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Weekend weaving and East Point.

 For the bathroom stuff.

 Thanks Steph for the material!  Built it up a little at the back.  Trying out different designs each time.

 East Point rock pool inspections.

 The Panaramic Shot.

Getting into the nitty gritty.

Heath's 6th Birthday Pirate Party..

 Pin the patch on the pirate.

 Heath and Van.

 Kai, Van and Hugh hunting for treasure.

 Water balloons.

 That is one happy boy.


 Reload.  Point blank range.

 Heath, Hugh, Jase and Van enjoying some bacon balls.

 Pirate ship cake, created by Lisa.

Finished off with a pinata.  Perfect.