Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday sushi fun.

 Home made sushi down at East Point Reserve.

 My boys.  The hunters.

 Checking out the crabs.

 Not quite big enough for tucker.

 He'll be nice in a few more seasons.

 Jodi's rough and ready weaving.

 Decided this would be a bird feeder.

 Looks nice in the trees.

 Kai's crocodile tears.

Van holding up my other basket for the fruits of our garden.  TBC...

The Dry Seaon is Soooooooooooo Good!

 Walking from the Jetty to the Pool.
 Heading down to the water.
 Throwing more rocks or pandanus nuts.
 Over at Beck's house.
 Kai and Astro at Beck and Dave's house around the corner.
 Snacks and beers at Beck's house. Tash, Beck, Dave, Beck and Vinny.
 Kai and black bamboo.
Kai chucking a tantrum.  Terrible twos. All arms and legs.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Last minute holiday stuff..

 Lunch at the Sailing Club.

 Not a bad view.

 Nice umbrella!

 Chucking rocks!

 Vince's fetching umbrella accessory.

 Nightcliff beach on Saturday morning.

Chucking more rocks! The sea looking pretty good!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Life...

 Devillish smile.

 The park across the road saved my sanity.

 Vince loving getting the cane palm roots out.

 Getting the bike trailer ready for dropping Van off to school while he can't r ide with his broken arm.



Our Friend Brownie.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Morning at the Beach

Kai and Vance ready for the beach.

Kai surveying the scenery.

Nightcliff beach panorama....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Holiday Funness..

The school holidays are here!  We've had 2 weeks of getting stuff done and hanging around so it's been quite good.  We've got 2 weeks to go and am feeling the pinch.  Might have to go out bush to let the little tackers run feral (me too).

 A cheap umbrella from Bunnings to give us some shade until we get our verandah built.

 Thanks Grandad for all my lovely Bday prezzies!!

 Thanks Aunty Sam for our cool London Tshirts! (And the lollies and chips for Mum and Dad!).

 Van geared up for a spotlight tour of Holmes Jungle.

 Vik, Kaile and Heath  pretty excited too??!!

The boys playing with their cars in the Poke Totem, an old box and the work horse.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Van's cast..

Van's obviously feeling a little more comfortable with his broken arm.  Vince took him to the hospital on Monday and had his arm reXrayed and recast.  Supposedly everything's fine and doing the right thing.  Vince spruced his cast up with a dragon design.

Steph and Tristan's House...

Steph and Tristan just recently moved to Darwin from Christchurch.  I was introduced to them through a mutual friend, Fi.  We've established a bit of a play date thing with our kids and a bit of crafty stuff for ourselves.  Lisa has shown us both how to weave.  Very cool.

 Lisa showing Steph how to get started.

 Steph looking pretty fashionable with her hanging basket on her head!  I'd wear it for sure!

 Van, Heath and Jeremy playing hungry hippos.

 Tristan being the good Dad and playing with the kids.  Lottie, Kai and Elliot.

 Nicholas and Kai.

Elliot and Tristan.

Monday, July 02, 2012


The fire in action...

Camping at Ant and Nee's Block...

Had such a great time out at Ant and Nee's for the night.  Thanks guys for all your effort with setting up and food!  YUM!  It was great to see them again, along with Owen, Penny and Marcus.  It was also nice to meet their new neighbours Lauren and Brad with their two kids Liam and Lachy - conveniently the same age as Van and Kai.  Another memorable night and fabulous morning.  Awesome.
 Aunty Nee bringing out more yummy supplies.

 A beautiful rose grown by Nee.  Wonderfully fragrant.  The same type they had at their Wedding.

 I'm the fire starter.

 Terwisted Fire Starter!

 Glow sticks.  For the kids.

 Yes, for the kids.  Nee, Owen, Marcus and Penny.

 Ant, Brad and Lach.

 Vin, Ant and Brad.

 Van and Lach - thank good ness the kids from next were there!

The dreaded next morning.  Van and Kai - sleepless and keen to start the new day!