Saturday, June 23, 2012

Way to start the holidays...

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Van's school (Nightcliff Primary).  It was during school time, they told me he'd hurt his arm and was pretty upset. Van is usually pretty good.  He loves school. So I thought it was a little odd.  Poor guy was in a lot of pain and it was quite obvious that the best thing to do was to go to Emergency at the hospital and get his arm looked at.  I dropped by Vince's work and he knocked off a little early.  He dropped Van and I off and looked after Kai at home.  The hospital was really good.  We got pain killers, Xrays and plaster on pretty quickly.  Vance was very brave.  Especially after the pain relief.  The rest is history.  Pretty low key holidays for us.  Van is ok and we are all adjusting.  Follow up appointment next week.   To be continued....

 Not really comfortable with his arm and getting his photo taken just yet.

Feeling a little better posing.

Getting ready for his first shower.  Got the plastic bag ready etc.  He wasn't happy.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Happy Birthday Song.


Warning - contains horrendous singing.

More B'day action.

Blowing the candles out.
A bit of chit chat in the yard.
Zaccy chilling.
Kiddies playing around.
Sunday arvo fun.  Painting some paper for Kai's birthday paper.
Painting the play pipe.

Kai's 2nd Birthday..

 In the morning - EARLY!  Big bro helping.

 Opening a few prezzies while Dad is still home.

 Spontaneous gathering for Kai's B'day.  Kai, Nathan and Lily.

 The younger crowd - Anabel and Mae.

 Can you see Lily and Zara enjoying the hammock?  My brilliant photography.

 Olivia, Kai and Katie.

 Zac enjoying the fire truck.

 Gathering around for the B'day song and muffins (banana and chocolate).
Nathan, Zac, Olivia, Kai, Lily abd Zara (Mae in the background).  Danielle, Katie, Tina and Oni - Mums.

Olivia, Kai and Lily (Anabel in the background).

Saturday, June 16, 2012

AFL Finale.

 Action shot.

 A drill.



 Jumping for the ball.

 Calling for the ball in the game.

 Vince trying to keep Kai out of trouble.

 Van receiving his medal and certificate.

 Posing for Mummy.

The boys and I in the hammock close to bed time.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bunk Fun...

 Got Van and Kai a bunk for their room.  It opens the place up a little for them to play in when the weather is bad out.

 The little "tent" is a nice touch we thought to give a cubby house feeling and also discourages jumping on the bed and connection with fans.

 The boys are already having some fun with it and when Kai is in a bed, it will fit nicely underneath.

 It's great when you can live vicariously through your children.  Always loved grass heads and can't remember having one.

 Now we've had two!  Care of Nightcliff Primary.

 So cold in Darwin had to get out the winter woolies from the suitcase. Kai loves hiding and thought this would be a good place??  Maybe next holiday?? 

Friday, June 08, 2012

Milo Cricket...

 The boys playing around before the activities have begun.

 Dad warming up with the boys.

 Vance getting into it.

 Kai getting into it.

 Bad photography from Mum.  But the end of a sweep shot???  Go Van!!

Nothing to do with Cricket.  My latest basket/bowl.  Banyan with a VERY ROUGH blanket stitched rafia.  Vances beading from school in the bowl.

Fun fun fun...

 Vance enjoying the sprinkler.

 Kai and Vince in the garden..

 Van loving the sprinkler and Kai sprinting away.  A bit too cold perhaps??.

 Vince taking down a spindly palm we had. He's also enjoying the garden as we all are!  YAY!!!!

 The boys enjoying some balls and sticks.  Something to keep them occupied for years to come.

Van in his "builder belt" helping Dad out.  Also in his Bavarian shirt.  Nice photo.

Saturday, June 02, 2012


Van wanted to do Auskick this year (some of his classmates are doing it too).  Vince said he'd happily take him, until he found out it was an 8am start!  Somehow it's turned out to be a Mummy errand and even I find it difficult to get there on time....  It does make it worth it though when you see the boys out there having fun.  I couldn't resist taking some photos this morning.  They're so cute!!

 Van getting ready to hand pass.

 They do a rotation of drills before a modified game at the end.

 Thanks for the Eagles shirt Kaile!!

 Kai climbing logs.

 Found someone's bracelet and put it on as a necklace.?

 I thought this drill was pretty adorable.  The had to collect the ball and then comando roll, once up the guy would chase them so they accelerated away with the ball.  It made me giggle.  It made Van giggle too.

Game time.  I use the term very loosely.  There are some pretty awesome kids out there tho and the beginners are improving every week.  Adorable stuff.