Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Goodness..

Contrary to the title, it hasn't all been goodness this weekend - but not all bad either.  Here are some of the better moments.

 Vance playing with his Magic Snake. A birthday present from his Grandad.

 This was my Mother's Day present.  I'm in love with it.  Unfortunately the moments where I can be in it without interruption are far and few between.  I do try to make time everyday to connect with my hammock though.

I got my weaving fix this afternoon.  Visited a friend within walking distance and attacked one of her palms.  Good for a bit of practice and will also see what happens as it dries out.

The very hungry caterpillar being mauled by the boys.

Friday arvo..

 Some left over canvas'.

 Thought I'd put the kids art work around the place.

 I'll probably give them to people for gifts too.  I'm sure they'll love it!  Ha ha.

 The park across the road.

 Cool tree.

 My latest obsession - weaving.  This was made from some seed stalks from my friend's backyard.  She was also the one to teach me how to do it.  I look forward to getting some aerial banyan roots and making something else.

Our dining table.

You gotta laugh when...

Time for a new fridge.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Sailing Club Dinner.

Yay!  A public holiday.  Decided to head down to the Sailing Club for dinner. Nice spot on the water and yummy food that is prepared for us!  Perfect!

 Having some water.

 Can't quite keep up with his brother on the rocks yet.

 Van made a few friends.

 Mum and Kai self portrait.

 Self portrait with the boys.

 Nice healthy meal of chicken strips and chips.  Nice umbrellas!

Kai destroyed the umbrella of course.

Birthdays and a long weekend.

Vince, Aaron (nice pose) and Simon over for a few birthday drinks.

 Happy 37th Birthday Vince! Yummy gluten free carrot cake made by Jane!

 Janma reading with the boys before before on the iPad.

 Giddyup horsey.

 A bit of ikebana Darwin style.

Frond twirling - the next craze.

What's been happening....

 Van on stage at assembly presenting his splish splash splosh song. Very cute.

 Showing his work.

 The boys hanging around with their Janma after a big walk through the Nightcliff Sea Breeze festival.

 A crafty crocodile at the Sea Breeze Festival.

 Gabe stopped in for a little play.

We made some Corona butterflies.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Our New Place..

It's been a crazy couple of weeks of packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking and settling in.  It's worth it though to have a little space outside and a bit more inside.  Life is still a little unsettled but is getting better every day.  Here are a few pics of the ups and downs.

Van in his dinosaur helmet and Kai in his painted helmet.

Van having a little picnic outside on the lawn.  Yay - outside!

 Green Tree Frog in our haleconias.

 Painting and drawing on one of the many boxes that have moved both Vik's family and ours in the last couple of years.

 It was meant to be a nice photo of us all in the spa, but I'm not sure why Van was so unhappy.

 Birthday cake for Simon's b'day steak night.  Simon, Van and Lach.

I guess we can't always be happy.  The end of a couple of very busy weeks.  Don't worry, he's happy now and Kai is now Mr Grumpy.

Couple of good shots.

Our adorable boys.

 On the holidays trying to run them around at Lake Alexander.

I like this one too.