Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunset Park.

I've been wanting to take photos down at this park for a few years now.  Finally had the time,the energy, the camera and the moments.  Pretty nice shots for a Friday afternoon when you can't be bothered to do anything other than have a few drinks and have some take away for dinner.

 Van's silhouette on the slide.

On the springy see saw with pelicans and dolphins.

 Kai .

 Kai and Van doing their thing on the playground.

Once again.

Good times with Heath.

 On the tramp with some army toys - lots of fun!

 Mouse trap the board game kept them occupied for at least an hour!

 In the pool with more guns. *NB - the peace sign.

 Kai climbed into the hammock with me while I was "relaxing and reading".

 At the park.

 On the see saw swing?  Is that what you'd call it?

 Monkeys on the monkey bars.

 Action shot of Heath throwing the ball for Shelley.  He was very good with her!

Van about to unleash.  Love the action shots.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amelia Play.

Van has been a lucky boy having friend's over for a play while we are looking after Vik's place.  It also makes it easier for us too!  We had a busy day today!  Great girlie fun for something different!

 Amelia and Van on the tramp.  It's gotten a good work out this week!

 Check out the nails!  We raided Vik's colourful collection!

 Time to cool off!  It was cool too.  I think the pools will be too cold soon.  The dry is coming!  Yay!

 Warm up again on the tramp!

 Beading time!

 Next door to the park to run Shelley around too!

 Flying foxes are always a hit!

 Kai playing with Shelley in the background.  He's going to miss her!

On the swing with Dad!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A few pics.

 The boys and Shelley.

 Kai enjoys covering his head with various objects to hide from us. Genius?

 Secret boys business.

Van thought it would be a good idea to copy his 22month old brother.  Anything for a photo!

Gabe play for the arvo.

 The boys about to hit the pool.  It's nice to have a friend over for a change to keep each other occupied.
On the tramp getting warmed up!

The many moods of Kai in an Esky...

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Fun.

 Vance in his Easter bonnet and his Easter basket (made at school) - ready for the hunt.

 Kai wants in on the action.

 Van looking very photogenic (holding Daddy's turkish delight Easter eggs).  And Kai, errrr, I'm not sure but he doesn't look happy.

 Looking for some more choccy chickies.

Hooray!  A happy Kai!

Holiday fun!

 A big jelly fish at Casuarina beach.  Not the box jelly type.  Not sure that I've seen one of these up here before?

 On the tramp.

 Action shot.

 In the bath!  It's so BIG!!

 At the park next door.

Very handy to have a park next door first thing in the morning.  Our new place has a park across the road.  Can't wait to move in!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

House/pet sitting.

It's been a long three weeks of illness in the Poke household.  Infections and gastro have been going on and on.  Vince has been the only one not to get sick.  We are hoping that he doesn't get ill over the holidays.

The Hook's (Vik and family) have gone over East for a holiday.  We're looking after their house and pets for the 10 days.  We took Shelley down to the Casuarina beach for a walk yesterday arvo.  It's nice to be on holidays and not to be bed ridden.

 My handsome husband and Kai.

Kai and Shelley and an oversized stick.

 Van playing with Shell.  He's particularly loving the dog but we're not quite at the pet stage yet.

 The boys.

 Kai was enjoying hiding behind the tree roots for some reason?  Maybe it was too sunny?



And dogs.