Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day & Post-Boxing Day Stuff

Sam's birthday traditionally falls on Boxing Day each year...

Vince working on the festive belly.

Jack enjoying a champers.

Champagne and nibbles for Sam's birthday.

Jodi, Kai and Van with a snake sand sculpture.

Vance and the snake

Vance and the reverse sprinkler (also known as a shower) in the backyard.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Jetty Baths, not Jenny bars...

Went for an early morning jaunt down at the Jetty baths (previously misinterpreted as Jenny Bars by me - derr).  We had a lovely time and saw a little sting ray, a shovel nose shark and some crabs.  Lovely time all round.

 Van doing his thing.

 Kai doing his.

 Starting on a sandcastle.

 The boys checking out the waters.

 I couldn't resist putting this photo up from Sam's place.  Don't worry, Van wasn't too badly injured.

The boys enjoying Jack's old Thomas tracks.

Friday, December 16, 2011

More Bunno.

Jack washing Ruby.

Kai and Janma at Jenny bars.


 Van doing a Sand Angel.

Van and his sandcastle.  There will be a bigger one coming up!!

I couldn't resist putting this one up.  That tongue helps out alot!  Playing with a balloon in the back yard.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Uncle Jack.

Down in Bunno hanging out with Jane, Hutch, Jack and Ruby.  It's good fun and the boys and I are getting pretty spoilt!  Here are some photos of the boys before bedtime with Uncle Jack.

The boys running around.  Uncle Jack looking pretty relaxed with the soccer ball.

Not sure what's going on here, but Van (and Kai) is mesmerised by Uncle Jack.

Jane got Jack's old Thomas stuff out from the shed.  It's great quiet time while Kai is asleep.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Van and Uncle Jack putting the table and chairs together.

Van and uncle Jack trying to put the scooter together.  It took a while but we got there.

Van on one of the many bikes/trikes.  Enjoying the back yard.

Kai on his new trike.  Not quite not riding it yet.

Uncle Jack playing with the boys.

Janma and the boys getting beans from the garden.

The boys drawing on their new table.

Family 2.

Kai looking pretty cute in a little tent.

Father and daughter.  Angel and Darryn.

Myself, Gran and Aunty Myv - another terrible photo of me..  Hmm, running theme??  It's the camera, not me!!

Darryn and I.  A shocking photo of me, but I'll post it just for Mum and Dad.

Gran Peters - thanks for organising the afternoon!

Aunty Sam getting her Kai fix.  Not sure exactly what Kai is doing but it looks like he's dancing?!

Book time with Janma.


 Kai watching a bit of TV at Aunty Sams place before bedtime.

 Aunty Sam and her nephews.

Jane (my mother in law) and Uncle Shane.  I could try and fix up what has gone wrong with the text but I can't be bothered.

Darryn (my brother) and his wife Tuyen.

Van with his cousins Kyle and Mark (Darryn's boys).

Kai playing with hisbiscus' down on the Burswood foreshore.

Kai and his cousin Angel (my brother's daughter).

We caught up with my Gran, Aunty Myv, Uncle Shane, my brother Darryn and Tuyen, Kyle, Mark and Angel on Saturday down at the Burswood foreshore.  It was a lovely afternoon that went by quickly.  I haven't seen some of my relies in a very long time so it was a great opportunity to catch up.  I'll upload some more photos soon.  The formatting and stuff is not working out for me right now.