Sunday, November 27, 2011

Family photos.

 Kai playing fetch with Shelley.

 Van and Kaile.





The Pokes . The photo you asked for Mum..

Build up storm.

 Here it comes.

 This is about when we left.  We'd been waiting for a good storm for a couple of weeks!  It finally came on a Friday afternoon.  Yay!

The boys frollicking?

Lord of the flies tropical style?

 Just happy for the rain!

Book Time.

Night night you lovely boys.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The last couple of busy weeks!

 Van the alien for Monsters and Fairies day at preschool.

 "I don't come in peace".

 Pops dropped in for a few hours on his way out to a new job.

 The Peters Pokes.

 At the Botanical Gardens.

 Running away from all the mozzies.

 Having second thoughts about entering the rainforest area.

 Cannonball fruit tree.

 Bananas in the childrens playground.

 Mondo grass maze for children.

 Van and Willow at Angus' 4th Bday.

 Van, Willow and Charlie enjoying the slip and slide.

Get 'im Charlie!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Beach fishing.

 Hermit crabs in the back of the dump truck.

 Kai (the boys in the background).

 Kai in the rock pools and Vin and Van off for a fish.

 No fish but quite content.

 Kai wants in on the action.

 The ferals - yes, me included.