Friday, September 16, 2011

Aunty Sam weekend visit.

A couple of weeks ago, Sam came up for a weekend visit.  It went by quickly but we managed to fit in some of the usual jaunts (foreshore and parks), but Sam also took Van for his first bowling experience!  Fun had by all..  Thanks Sam for coming up!  Maybe next time noone will be sick and perhaps we'll get a bit more sleep??  Hmmm, maybe not for a while yet...

 Kai in his Aunty's arms.

 Van getting warmed up!

The boys and Sam..  Wish we had more pics but I kept forgetting the camera!?!  Oh well - there's always next time!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The boys...


The boys playing around in the morning together.  Gives me an extra 10 minutes in bed sometimes...
 Afternoon tea at the park after Van's Preschool.

 Showing his strength!!  The tongue helps a lot!!

 Kai pretty excited.

 Playing in the shade.

 Looking ready for action with his stick.

 Boys love sticks.

Inevitably in the tree with a stick.  I wonder how long it'll be before Kai is in there with him?

Some recent, some old. Random Hook photos..

It's awesome having Vik and the family up here!  It has really been great for all of us!  Van loves to hang with her boys Kaile and Lach.  Here are just a few snaps.  We spend quite a bit of time over there with their backyard and all!

 Van and Kaile playing with some bows that Kaile made.

 The boys on the hammack - this photo really is old as the hammock has long ago been destroyed.  I wonder why?

Kai wriggling around on Vik.

It's been a while...

It's been quite some time since we last published a post.  We've been busy and without a computer, so here's the slow upload of the last month or so..  (We have a computer again)..

About mid August we headed out to Tumbling Waters again to get away.  We got a cabin for a couple of nights and enjoyed the peace and quiet??  I don't think so, not with a couple of kids - but it was still nice to change up the regular routine.  We used our 2nd anniversary as an excuse  (15th August) - can you feel the love??

 The boys firing up the BBQ for us.  Wouldn't it be nice if they could cook up dinner for us!?!

 No doubt about it - Father and Son...  Smile boys!!??

 Van working the camera for something different.

 Getting warm before a swim, there was a cold snap that weekend!

Thankfully this little fella is in the Croc enclosure and not the pool area.