Sunday, July 03, 2011

Edith Falls...

Yes, they are camping papasans. Kai and Simon enjoying modern day camping.

Vik and Lach getting settled in.

Kaile, Kai, me, Van and Lach venturing into the cold waters of Edith Falls.

Edith through the pandanus.

Thanks Flick, Justin and Daisy for the loan of the hiking carrier. Kai loved it!! So did Vince??!!

Vik perfectly accessorised for the hike!!

Lach and Kaile in formation.

We made it to Long Hole Pool!!

Van pointing out the dead Cane Toad..

Kai stretching his legs after the gruelling walk, boys in the background.

Uncle Simon's turn!

Myself and Vik enjoying the moonchairs (their actual name). There were no fires at Edith (unless in a brazier) - so we melted candles to a log and watched them. Didn't quite throw out as much heat though.. :(