Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday Card

Kai also received a birthday card from Aunty Sam today. Annoying for the parents but the boys loved it!

Birthday Jumper

We got another couple of presents in the mail today. This time a jumper knitted by Grandmother Jane. Thanks Janma!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kai's 1st birthday!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everybody!!

Opening the prezzies in the morning. Big brother helping out!! Thanks for the book Aunty Sam!!

Singing Happy Birthday to Kai with a little choc chip muffin and candle.

Pretty keen to get stuck into his first taste of chocolate!

Lach, Van and Kaile were happy!!

Kai contemplating his first year...

Aunty Vik (looking lovely) and Kai.

Flick, Kai, Daisy and Justin.

Thanks for the clothes Nana Jean and Pops!

I'm so sweet!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brrrrrrrr... The latest...

Vince rugged up on our 25 degree day.... One of our close friend's said he looked like a "homeless serial killer". Hmmmmmm.

Van with his Spiderman jumper.

Kai with 3 layers of clothing. Makes nappy changing even more tedious - I feel sorry for people who are actually living in much colder climates.

Yes, Spiderman is flavour of the month - Van let the Preschool ladies paint him up!

My photographic trickery is pretty outstanding! Van displaying his Spiderman powers!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


We went to Tumbling Waters for a couple nights camping. It's very much a family place to go, just out of town. A warm up run before camping on the holidays. It was good fun. Plenty of action for the boys. The first time the Hooks and Pokes and camped together. Success..

Van keeping an eye on everyone.

Mum and Kai - he's one next weekend!!

Si, Lach, Vik, Kai and Kaile enjoying the fire.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dry season beach action!

Sandy heaven!!

Can't go wrong with a bucket and spade!

Can you see the potential destruction??

Kai's stick spade.

Destroooooyyy!! I'm so cute!

A quick dip before we head home! It's a bit chilly!

Fun run!

Vince is stopping smoking and as incentive has started running. He wants to do the 4km fun run tomorrow, so we've been going to the foreshore a couple of times a week and tag teaming the kids at the park while the other runs. A nice way to spend the dry season afternoons..

Kai at the fitness station.

Vance displaying his monkey skills.

Janma Jumper!!

Janma (Jane, Vince's Mum) knitted a jumper for Van's 4th birthday! It's lovely and fits like a glove! I'm a bit worried it'll get trashed. Might have to be an inside jumper - maybe not for camping?!

Spidervan pose.

Close up!!