Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eleanor's 3rd B'day...

Happy Birthday Eleanor!! A lovely birthday party was had down at East Point in the afternoon. Plenty of food and laughter.

The birthday girl!

Happy birthday to you!!

Look at that groovy rainbow cake!!

And a rainbow ship kite!! The kids loving it!

Someone snatched my camera - getting a coffee hit.

Preschool Disco..

Ever been to a Preschool disco? It's pretty full on! I learnt that boys mosh from the age of 4. Everyone had a great time!!

Lets get loaded up with sugar!

In the door and the moves are on! Heath and Van.

Heath, Van and Harry - still for a second.

That's more like what I was seeing all afternoon.

We love trains!! Van, Jase, Harry and Heath.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


The weather is beautiful up here at the moment. Any excuse to get out of the house is a good one. I've been taking Van fishing with Lisa and Heath on Friday mornings when there isn't any Preschool. Van pulled in a tiny little something the other day and Heath caught another Blue bone. There's always some action on the jetty, last week we saw some guys pull in a shark over a metre long. The boys love it.

Vince has also been taking Van fishing every weekend. I popped over and took some photos while Kai and I were going for a walk. Vance really gets a kick outta going out with his Dad, it's very cute!!

Fishing action.

The concentration is intense!!

Trying to work out the new rod.

A quick self portrait of Kai and I.. Kai was sleepy!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Van's 4th Birthday..

Van's 4th birthday was on the 9th of May and his birthday party was on the 13th. Despite it being Friday the 13th all went well. We went down to the Water Gardens in Jingili for a casual play and plenty of party food in the afternoon. The weather was lovely and fun was had by all. Thanks to all who came and helped Van celebrate his birthday!!

Thomas birthday cake made by the lovely and talented Vikki!!

Thank you very much Kayla!

Willow, Harry, Van and Heath?? Cheeky little boys hiding from me!!

Heath, Van, Willow, Harry, Angus, Lani, Aiden, Eleanor and Harriet sitting down ready for the magic show!

Kaile and Lachlan (Vikki's boys) providing the entertainment with a magic show! The kids loved it! Thanks boys!

Zoe, Amelia, Eleanor, Van and Hatti.

Daisy looking very cute!!

Thank you Zaccy!


Van got a fishing rod for his birthday. We went fishing on Friday to test it out with Heath (a friend from Preschool). Van didn't catch anything but Heath did! We had a lovely time, it was a beautiful morning!

Heath and Van.

Nicholas, Lisa and Heath.

Lisa, Heath and Kai.

Heath/Lisa caught a little Blue bone.

The boys feeding the fish.

Busy... Catch up pics..

A recent trip to the Leanyer Water Park. Still a winner with Van.

Kai not looking so pretty. There's still a thuggish appeal though. 10 and a half months.

Vin's 36th B'day. The boys congregating around the esky.

A bit of soccer to start festivities.

Simon, Ant and Aaron returning after crabbing.

Nee having a giggle.


Monday, May 02, 2011

Aunty Sam...

Sam has come up for a visit to get her nephew fix!! We all had a lovely time. There was plenty of quality time spent together! This set of photos were taken at the Sailing Club.

Kai wriggling around on Aunty Sam.

Sister and brother.

Van happy with his chips.

Sam taking the boys on an adventure down onto the beach.