Monday, April 25, 2011


This was after the egg hunt. Van had a huge chocolate hit.
Kaile showed him how to do star-jumps and tuck-jumps...


Egg Hunt


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Hunt..

Vik, Simon and the boys invited us around yesterday for an Easter Hunt and celebration. It began in the garden nice and early. Van had a ball!! It was fun for all. These are the start of lots of photos.......

Kaile, Van and Lachlan. They made an Easter bag for Van to collect his Eastere eggs in!

On the hunt.

Any here?

The trees in Darwin are awesome!

Nothing like a little challenge to get the hunt interesting.

Some of the stash ready to be split between them.

What about me??

Boy business...

Long story short - we got a new washing machine. Van enjoyed playing Mr Fixit with the leftovers.



Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter with the Hooks..

It's so nice having Vik and fam living in Darwin!! We haven't lived around each other since Uni days, so it's been quite a while. I never knew Vik loved Easter so much!! We had a very leisurely day yesterday, starting with pancakes, then a swim and finished off with some home made burgers.. It was pretty good!! Very chilled! See what happens tomorrow with the Easter hunt??!!

Vikki looking very glamorous cooking up a pancake storm! Yum!

The boys doing their thing. Lachy and Van.

Yummy pancakes and condiments.

Kaile and Lach getting ready to tuck in!

Kai mucking around inside later that evening.


Darryn (my brother), Tuyen, Marc, Kyle and Angel are over visiting Mum and Dad in Gympie at the moment. Mum and Dad just recently sent me a bunch of photos and I thought I'd share them with everyone. Angel is just 4 weeks younger than Kai so they are pretty much doing the same stuff.. Everyone looks happy and healthy!! Thanks for the photos guys. What a beautiful family!!

Darryn and Angel.

Angel, Nana Jean, Daz, Angel, Marc, Kyle at the Dolphin feeding at Tin Can Bay.

Pops, Angel and Kyle having the Gympie fire..

Angel raiding the fridge. Using the chair as a walking aid?!

Angel and Marc in the backyard.

Darryn's beautiful girls - Angel and Tuyen.

Pops and Angel on the grass cutter (the other grandchild!!).

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sick household..

Once again the household has been sick. Gastro hit us on the weekend and is finishing with me. Vince took the kids to the Water Gardens yesterday afternoon while I got some much needed rest. The kids don't look sick at all.. Kai still getting over it. Still some lovely photos though.

Killer smile.. Kai at 10 months.. Happy Birthday Pops!!

I can see you Pops! Happy Birthday!

In the submarine..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Granny and Grandad down the foreshore..

Well, it wouldn't be considered a visit with us if we didn't go down to the foreshore. We got some lovely shots and had a tropical time in the Darwin humdity and rain.

Father and Son.

Van and Grandad going out onto the rocks to explore.

Kai wanting in on the action.

In Grandad's arms.

Kai going in for Granny's ear ring and Van striking a pose!!

Kai and Granny.

Mum and the boys. Picture perfect??!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Grandad and Granny visit...

Jeff and Carolyn have come up to Darwin for about a week to visit us all. They took Van out the other day for a big trip to Crocosaurus Cove. Van hasn't been there in a while so he was extremely excited!! It was Carolyn's first trip there and she loved it. They all had a ball!! The day ended and they went back to their cabin for dinner and fed the possums that they've befriended. Van is loving having his Granny and Grandad up!! (Vin, Kai and I had a restful and productive day at home - lovely!!)...

Grandad/Jeff and Van feeding the junior crocs with a fishing rod!

Getting his favourite for lunch!! Such a treat!!

Van touching the tail of a python.

Carolyn/Granny with a dragon. Pretty brave!!

Feeding one of the three possums that visit their cabin!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Foreshore at Low Tide

Last week we got out of our lovely unit complex and went down to the foreshore for some fresh air, a play, and some drinks. It was complete low tide so the rocks were exposed for about 100m out from the high tide mark.

Van collecting shells.

Vince waiting for Van.

Father & Son going to explore the rocks.

Kai exploring the grass.

Kai guarding the esky for Daddy.