Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kai 7 Months

Attached is movie showing Kai's attempts at crawling. He's very close!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Vegemite Kids..

The boys are doing very well for the moment. Van is loving Preschool and wants to go all the time. He also loves to play with Vik's boys (Kaile and Lachy).. Growing up quickly!!

Kai is still trying to crawl and dragging himself around. He's a lovely boy who sleeps through and is getting into his food. Am enjoying this time while it lasts!!

Eating vegemite toast already!!

Big brother leading by example..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today is Van's first day at Nightcliff Pre-School. He's very excited to be going and so are we!! It's a lovely little school less than 5 minutes walk from our place. He'll benefit from the stimulation and we'll all get a little break in one way or another. For me, it's also a nice change in routine. It'll be nice to have a few hours of each day to get dinner ready and any chores done. Ooo, yeah - and maybe a rest if the planets are in alignment??!!
Such a little cutie in his school uniform!! Van-3 and 1/2yrs.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little Ray of Sunshine...

The sun came out for a few hours today. Thought we'd better get out and have a swim quickly - it wasn't long before it started raining again.

It's nice to be free and outside..

On your marks, get set.....

GO!!? Not quite yet..

Looking demure. That's about it though. Nothing demure about Van!


Tried to dodge the wet weather and catch up with friends down the foreshore yesterday afternoon. We did pretty well to last a couple of hours while the kids ran around. It did end with torrential rain though. Anyway, it was good to catch up with Flick, Justin and Daisy and Vikki, Simon, Kaile and Lachlan. Vikki and family have made the big move from Albany to live in Darwin. It's great to have them up here!!

Justin, Flick and Daisy.

Simon, Vik and Kaile (Lachy was off exploring).

Van with his new haircut for Pre-school.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kai's 7 months old now.

Kai's 7 months old now, time is kicking over and things are changing at a rapid rate!! He's now a bottle and solids baby only. Since this has happened he has been sleeping through the night again, which is very nice for me!! And hopefully for Kai too!! He's also sitting up by himself pretty well now and doing his very best to crawl. He's commando crawling everywhere at the moment but is making all the correct moves for crawling too. He's making all the right moves and sounds. He's off the chart for his length and about the 50th percentile for his weight (gotten better since the bottle). We shaved his head at the end of our Gympie trip as it was straggly and patchy. Now he's just bald!! He heh.. It's growing back quickly. He's a lovely little baby for now. Wakes up smiling. Goes to sleep smiling.. Sleeps through the night. Loves to sleep and his poo's smell like rose petals.. Yeah right??... Nobody's that perfect!!! He's pretty good though!!!

Looking very serious as he just had his immusation injections.

Loving to clap his hands.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home..

Well, just thought we'd write someting for the record that we're home safely and happy to be here. We were never really in any danger (we believe) while we were in Qld. We were very safe at Mum and Dad's place in Gympie and things are supposedly on the mend there. There has been much devastation in Qld for many. I won't go into that as there's too much to mention. I can't imagine how hard it must be to start all over again for home owners, business owners, farmers and not to forget the horrific loss of life for many families and friends. Terrible stuff. But we made it out just in a nick of time.

We caught the commuters train to Brisbane from Gympie at 6am (without really knowing if it was running). We took our chances and went to the station with all our stuff as the roads were closed. Luckily, the water was down just enough in several places for the train to run and we were on our way. We got delayed around Caboolture as the driver waited for waters to subside for about half an hour or so. We finally got to Brissie with just a few hiccups that were easily rectified. Only a couple of hours later we heard the train line was cut and Caboolture was cut off by road and rail. There was also chaos at the Central train station because commuters were trying desperately to get home from the city as rumours were going around that the city trains would be cut that day. We managed to get a taxt in the pouring rain to our hotel. It was a pretty harrowing trip with lots of traffic and accidents caused by the torrential rain, and a cab driver who could only really understand place names in English. It was really coming down and there was talk of Brisbane flooding. So it was still a little stressful when we arrived and saw staff sandbagging the area. But it was ok in the end obviously. The hotel was kind enough to let us check in early. Dad had rung ahead and asked them. We were lucky because it absolutely hammered with rain for the best part of the day. Not fun with little ones. We just watched the news unhealthily and had a fairly restless day, waiting to see if roads to the airport would flood and if flights would be running the next day. It was stressful being in an unfamiliar city hearing suburbs going under, not knowing if they were close to us or the airport. Fortunately the place was self contained so we just hung out, crossed our fingers and tried to relax! The next day we got a shuttle bus to the airport and ultimately caught our flight home with no problems.

Damn, it's good to be home..

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gympie Floods...

You've probably seen that Gympie is flooded at the moment. The town doesn't seem to be flustered. Businesses have cleared their shops and waiting patiently. Mum and Dad got some pics this afternoon. We are hoping to catch a train tomorrow morning to Brisbane to make our flight on Wednesday. Fingers crossed - lets see?!

Normanby bridge.

Mary St - main road in the city of Gympie.

Million dollar upgrade of the Bruce Hwy under water... Hmmm.

Looking down at Billie's Hotel on Mary St.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Val, Kevin and Nikau..

Very lucky to have a visit from Val and Kevin (NZ Aunty and Uncle) and Nikau (2nd cousin??). They are over visiting their daughter (Toni) and Grandson Nikau in Brisbane. They managed to make a trip up to Gympie to visit us all. I can't believe it's been 10 years since I last saw them in NZ. Time flies.. It's been great to see them again and meet Nikau. Another little mate for Van to play with.

Pops, Vinny and Van.

Val, Nikau, Kevin and Van in the backyard.

Nana Jean and Kai (under the hat).

Nikau and Nan.

Val, Nikau and Van playing volleyball with the hammock as a net.

Monday, January 03, 2011

More photos..

Will put more photos on later when I have more patience.....

Throwing stuff into the water. Bonding..

Trying to coax Van into the water to feed the dolphins. I ended up doing it for him.

Tin Can Bay flying fox.

Mum and Dad walking Kai in the bike basket stuffed with towels. We forgot to leave the stroller when we went out. Don't worry, Mum didn't ride with him in the back.. Just pushed him around.

The sun is out!!

The last couple of days the sun has been out and we've been out and about. We drove out to Kennilworth yesterday for a BBQ at a park and a visit to Cheese World. We went out to Tin Can Bay this morning to feed the dolphins with all the other tourists!! Plus there are a few other photos of other parks thrown in..
Val and Kevin (aunty and uncle from NZ) will be coming out tomorrow night and we'll have another fire. The night after that Vinny and I will be in Caloundra without the kids!! Wohoo!

Kennilworth playground. We don't have this one in Darwin??...

Flying foxes are always good.

I couldn't resist.

Nana Jean and Kai (who is getting VERY close to crawling).

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

We had a clear day yesterday and made the most of it! Got out of the place and went down to Tin Can Bay for a play. We have also wanted to have a fire at Mum and Dad's place and finally got the opportunity with the clear weather. It was a nice afternoon/evening. Were thinking of you all at some stage while gazing intently at the fire. Hope you all had a happy and safe new year!

Dad's keg hangi - yum yum!!

Kai on the shed floor.

Van learning about fires from Pops.

Family photo.

Watching the fire building.