Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some more Xmas photos..

Bon bon action.

Pops, Kai, Mum and Nannette before Xmas lunch.

Poke totem..

Me and the boys.

Wet wet wet...

If you've been watching the news you probably would've seen something about parts of Qld being flooded and very wet. We're in this region, but no flooding warnings just yet (or to be expected). We did go for a drive yesterday (to get out of the house) and checked out Kingaroy. Many of the places we passed through to get there are now flooded.

Anyway, we are still getting Van out and about and thought we'd post some photos anyway.. I might put some more of Xmas up too.

New umbrella for the weather and Thomas towel from Santa.

Wet but not too cold on this day.

The creek at the bottom of mum and dad's street.

Lizzie, Nanna Jean and Van braving the wet and going for a walk...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas in the Shed...

Pops and Van in front of Pop's new fan from Mum for Xmas.

Van riding his new scooter.

Mum and Van with his Xmas gliders.

The shed decorated Xmas style (wood tree, hanging bauble plants and stockings).

Xmas 2010.. Part One..

Asleep under the pillows! Santa filled his stocking!

Family present frenzy..

Santa was generous this year!!

Mum's remote control golf buggy from Dad.

Vince and son getting into the Christmas spirit!!

Stevo & Marty...

It's very convenient for our friendship with the boys that Stevo's parents and Marty's Dad both live within an hours drive of Mum and Dad's place. We managed to catch up for a few hours on Christmas Eve. A shame we didn't have longer, but it was nice to touch base and have a bit of play time.

Uncle Stevo and Kai sharing a laugh.

Uncle Marty and Van playing soccer in the sun!

Pick the poser??!!

Steve Grylls, Karate & Vinnie

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The sunshine coast...

Technically Gympie is a part of the Sunshine Coast. It hasn't been too sunny though in the last week or so.. That aside, it was sunny today and we got out and about to Boreen Pt for a swim. Well, Van had a swim because it was too cold for the rest of us!!
We also caught up with Kirste, Takashi and Jake on the weekend. It's been about 10 years since we last hung out in Japan. They came up and stayed with us for a couple of nights which was a lot of fun - despite the weather. We had lots of outdoorsy things in mind to do but had a lot of rain to deal with most of the time. We still had a good time though and Jake and Van enjoyed playing together! Kai got to spend a lot of time with Nana Jean and Pops. I was able to enjoy more than a few beers and had a couple of nights off. The bottle is going well! Thanks to Kirste and Takashi for making the trip and Mum and Dad for making the stay so easy and enjoyable.

Pics... (It's taking us a long time to upload photos, so don't be surprised if we wait until Darwin to post more - we are impatient).

Jake, Takashi & Van

Jake & Vance

The two fams (Takashi taking pic) in the shed.

Van & Dad checking out Boreen Point. It was a bit windy and cold...

Goofing around

Kai and I

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

QLD Holiday Part 1

Well we're back in Queensland again - staying with Jodi's parents in Gympie. Jodi's been here for a couple of weeks with the boys while I finished up the school year back home. I was sure I'd have a wonderfully quiet time without all of them there - shame about all the reporting I had to do instead... And I just couldn't sleep in anyway!

I just arrived yesterday so the family is back together again and I got a chance to post some pictures from the last couple of weeks as Jodi's skills weren't transferable to QLD. She's just been chilling out really. Dave and Jean have helped out heaps with the boys and haven't had to do much cooking or cleaning - the first time she hasn't had to do anything in what seems likes years!
Anyway enjoy the happy snaps! More to come as we're here for almost a month :) Hoping to catch up with some old friends while we're here...

Van all rugged up for the Gympie summer!

Pops and Kai

Nanna and the boys touring their garden

Dave & Jodi

Van & Nanna working on some xmas craft