Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grandad Visit

Jeff (Vince's Dad) came up for a visit a couple of weeks ago now and we've finally got around to uploading some pics.  He came to see Van and hold Kai for the first time.  While he was here, he just happened to recondition the Magna transmission in between sunsets, shopping jaunts, and playing with his grandsons.
Thanks Jeff!

Kai, Grandad and Van

The boys

Van and Jodes at the Sailing Club.  Hot chips and tomato sauce - Van's fave

Jeff built this for Vance.  It's a roundhouse to go with the rest of his Thomas paraphernalia.

Hamming it up on the way to Fogg Dam.

A female water dragon laying eggs.  We found her in the carpark at Fogg Dam.  When we returned an hour later she'd covered over the hole and all evidence of her or the eggs' presence was gone.

Van & Vin on the boardwalk at Fogg Dam.  That object in the tree to the upper left is some kind of nest - possibly wasps or ants.

Van & Vin checking out catfish through the boardwalk.

Vince bringing up the rear along the boardwalk.
Kai & Grandad

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Water Park..

Took Van to the Water Park today while Vinny got some work done.  It was an intense couple of hours.  I did my best to keep uo with him but ended up just staying below and following him around.  Took a few photos on the burst setting as I couldn't catch him with a regular single shot.  Will be going regularly again as it's definitely warm enough for it.  Good old Darwin weather...

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Lazing around..

Have been taking it easy all round.  Not going far from the beach or pool.  It's quite nice.  Enjoying the relaxing time while Vince's still on holidays. 
15 weeks?  I think so, loving rolling over and playing on his tummy

Watching the grand final.  Trying the self protrait with the boys.

Smiles all round.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Tumbling Waters

Just returned from a couple of nights staying down at Tumbling Waters park (about an hour South of Darwin).  We took the boys and stayed in a two bdrm cabin (fridge, AC, TV, bathroom) so we were hardly roughing it.  It was hard enough as it was with two crazy boys - especially Van who wakes the sparrows up in the morning.  Anyway, it was very good to get away from our place for a short time.  We swam in the pool, went to the Territory Wildlife Park, walked along a billabong and tidal river, and spotted some cane toads in the evening.

Vance exploring a bunk bed for the 1st time

Of course he wanted the top one!

Putting on the charm for the camera

Mother and sons

A thunderstorm approaches - we had lightning,
thunder and heavy rain both nights.  It was lovely.

Walking the trail around the Wildlife Park

Kai asleep in the pram with the help of the little fan

Father & son in the aviary

Van loving the train ride

New growth on one of the many cycads