Sunday, May 09, 2010

A few more B'day pics..

Train set, bike accessories, jigsaw puzzle and sticker books!! Thanks from Van for all his gifts and cards!! XXX

Carrot cupcakes for the boys.

The only way I could get him to pack up his train set and get him to bed in the afternoon, the promise of cake. It worked though!!

Looking pretty pleased with himself!!

Pregnant photo request..

So, I've finally gotten around to getting some photos up of my 2nd pregnancy. Not much to say really? I'm sure those of you I've been in touch with me have heard all about it and don't need to hear me bang on anymore. Here are some photos. I think this pregnancy is quite different from Van, whether or not that means it's a girl or whether it just means I am running around after a 3yr old and a little older - who knows? All will be revealed when the baby comes out in about 4 weeks time.

This delightful photo was taken when it was March 30th, so I was about 28weeks? I think?..

Me looking relatively normal front on (with Mr Poser) - 36 weeks.

Slowly rotating and looking more rotund.

BOING! There you go, perfect profile.

And in case you couldn't really see the bump before - here's a close up!!!

Van's 3rd Bday!