Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sam's Visit - Collection of Pics...

SURPRISE!! Vince lets of a popper while we weren't expecting it... Birthday cake for Sam (but she really got it for Van, he blew the candles out).

Down the foreshore, we have been going to the jetty again due to the mozzies.

Father and Son in the pool playing.

A nice photo of Van and Aunty Sam.

A rare photo of us.

The Pokes, we are just missing Sam in the pic!

Sam got some good photos!! One of many of Van.

Our visit to Crocosaurus Cove.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam!!!

26th of Dec, Boxing Day - but more importantly, Sam's birthday. We got oursleves up nice and early thanks to Van and set out to find a place to take Sam for breakfast. We didn't have to try very hard, The Boatshed was open and served us very efficiently with a smile and a yummy brekky. We picked up a couple of Hermits on the way (hehe - Renee and Ant). Sam and I may hit the shops and go to the movies a little later while the boys stay at home and babysit while drinking and watching the cricket.... Gotta love the Xmas holis...

Sam, Van, Vin, Nee and Antman.

'Tis the Season to be Jolly...

Merry Xmas all! Hoping this post finds you all well fed, happy and healthy! We are thinking of you all at Xmas time and wishing we could be in a million places all at once to be with everyone... In reality however, we are in Darwin. It was a very nice Xmas. Relaxed and quiet! Sam (Vince's sister), flew up from Perth on Xmas Eve to join us for the week. Quick drop ins and prezzies from Kel, Ed and Nick in the morning. Then Renee, Ant, Kerry and Roger spent the afternoon with us by the pool. Everybody contributed to the day and we had a feast (which in true Xmas spirit will probably last us for the week).
Vance had a lovely day too with his gifts, all the people and the attention! Thanks everyone for the gifts for Van (and us) - very muchly appreciated! The main thing was that we spent the day with loved ones and had a good time! Hope you all did too!
Thanks to Kez who was motivated enough to take a few happy snaps of the day!

Ho Ho Ho!