Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kite fun..

More beach action. We've been taking the kites down to the beach as well. Vance has a lot of fun holding the kite, letting it go (and watching Daddy run) and just generally trying to boss everyone around. The beach is still the best place for a Friday afternoon, you are pretty much always guaranteed a breeze. Yay!
Long shot, the boys and the kite.
Van in control.
Van letting the kite go and watching Vince chase it.
Dad in control again and Van probably trying to bark some orders at him.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Arvo Foreshore

This afternoon we went down to the foreshore at Nightcliff. As you probably noticed, it's one of our favourite spots to go to and catch the breeze and chill out. It also gets Vance out of the house, which is good when we don't feel like going for a swim. Taking him to the park is too hot in the afternoon, and going to an air conditioned environment tends to be an expensive, crowded, and time-killing nightmare (Casuarina Shopping Centre).

Anyway, as usual, there was a beautiful breeze and the tide was almost at it's highest (6.5m). Vance enjoyed the spray and we enjoyed the fresh air.

And here is a video. He likes watching hermit crabs but not getting too close! We think he prefers throwing rocks and jumping off rocks :)


Sunday, October 11, 2009


Just giving you all a few pics to look at. Van recently got into some cream in his bedroom when he was meant to be going to sleep. Took some pics, cleaned it up and gave him a stern talking to. He went straight to sleep after that.

(Also just putting on a photo of my new bike. I LOVE it!!)

Looking pretty guilty...

Looking toward Dad...

Our new set of wheels.