Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wedding Photos

We've uploaded the best selection of wedding photos from our extensive collection. To see the full album head over to here. Click on Wedding album and have a browse. Click slideshow button for the full viewing experience :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mr & Mrs Poke...

Jodi and I got married last Saturday, the 15th August, at the Ski Club in Darwin.
We had a very small and intimate gathering. We would've loved to invite you all but we paid for the whole thing ourselves off a single wage. But we toasted absent loved ones and thought of you all.

It turned out to be a beautiful evening for a wedding (as any Dry Season evening would in Darwin) and things went pretty smoothly. Jodi and I had our respective Boys' and Girls' nights the Thursday before and got rid of some pre-wedding nerves with the help of close friends and alcohol. Photos won't be posted here ;) Then, after recovering, came the big day on Saturday.
I was s**tting myself and Jodi wasn't much better. Jodi's Dad Dave settled me a bit, and Jodi had Vikki and make-up, dress, and hair to keep her mind occupied.

Anyway, we made it to the Ski Club, got set up and waited for the big moment. Jodi walked in, looking resplendent (and dead sexy) in her custom-made dress from imported material from Finland (of all places), lead by Dave up the aisle. We completed our ceremony, exchanged vows and rings, and the official signings without a hiccup. I didn't faint, and Jodi didn't cry (she just giggled hysterically a couple of times) so it was pretty sweet.
Mr & Mrs Poke. Ha ha.

Then came the reception and speeches, followed by many happy dancers getting down to some good beats. By most accounts, an excellent night was had by all. The venue was excellent, the food good, and the company awesome.

Big thankyou's to: Jodi's parents for giving us their blessing in the first place (and for their very generous gift - really, thankyou) and for looking after Vance for 2 nights so we could have some kind of semi-honeymoon; my parents (Jane, Jeff, Hutch and Carolyn) for being supportive and happy and loving and generous; Anthony (Antman) for being my bestestman, my wingman, and also for emceeing the evening; Vikki for being Jodi's bridesmaid/maid-of-honour/bestwoman; Stephanie for making the chocolate cakes for dessert (with about 1 month of pregnancy to go); Linda for doing us a huge favour and being our official super photographer; and Renee for gathering the frangipanis for all our tables; all the people who gave us wedding presents (even though the invite stated no presents) - we didn't expect them, but we much appreciate them!

We also really appreciate everyone making the effort to come, especially those from interstate and overseas. All of you made it a really special night for us to remember, and we hope you had a good time too (it looked like it from most of your faces!)

Below are some unofficial photos from the big day. We'll be getting our official ones soon. We'll post some more here, put the rest on Flickr, and send out a disc with them on it to family. If anyone else would like a copy let us know via email.
Cheers, and thanks again,
Vince & Jodi Poke

Jodi being led by her Dad Dave up the aisle.

Kissing the bride.

Jodi trying not to be overwhelmed by the situation (but still looking hot).

After we'd just signed the certificate.

Jodi and Vance celebrating afterward.

An obligatory shot of Vance, cute in his wedding outift.