Sunday, June 14, 2009

Perth Darwin Indo Reunion...

Steph and Josh visited this weekend for an AFL match. He played for the Bali Geckos against the Timor Crocs for the Steve Irwin Crikey Cup. It was also a bit of a Perth reunion with Flick. Thought we'd take a few photos....
Justin and Flick all smiles on a Sunday afternoon.
Steph (Josh) and Beth rocking to Humpty Dumpty...
Josh recovering from his game.
Mum and Beth having a bit of a giggle..

Tumbling Waters..

Went camping on the long weekend a couple of weeks ago. It was a nice area not far out of town, Tumbling Waters. It was pretty busy but there was plenty of shade and lots of things to do for young and old. Vance particularly enjoyed the fresh water croc enclosure. Whenever he bolted (which was every five minutes) we pretty much knew where he was headed.

Unfortunately the camera was pretty much flat when we got there, but here are a few shots anyway.

Danielle and Vance in their new Jayco Van!!!!

Dennis and Vince kicking back with a few beers.

Slumming it in the hammock.
Van swinging around with Danielle.