Saturday, April 25, 2009

At the Park..

Hey Everyone, thought it would be good to post some more pics of Vance. He's really quite a little boy now. Talking a lot, running around and even getting pretty close to swimming (we'll have to video that tomorrow). Anyway, I just really wanted to put on these photos because I bought these adorable shorts from the op shop today. They're obviously home made and just so cute!!!


A glimpse of the shorts - they have cars, planes and firetrucks on them!!

Going down the slide.

Up the ladder.

Here is a video of him going down the slide. Usually he is pretty in to it - but this time he was pretty distracted by other kids around him. He doesn't even ham it up for the camera!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Drawing Time!

Van is getting more and more interested in drawing as he gets older. Pencils are still a bit difficult, but markers (especially Crayola brand) make it easy for him to make a mark on the page. He scribbles lines and makes dots and enjoys the action of putting on the lids. Recently he has taken more ownership of the paper and gets very angry if you draw with him on the same page. He will try to grab your marker, or try to force it off the page using his marker. He was starting to do this towards the end of this video clip. He also says, "No!" which he is getting quite good at now!