Thursday, January 15, 2009

Last night in town - family shots.

Some quick, token family shots..

Nana Jean and Van. Van is saying "Nana" alot now.

Nana, Van and Mum.
Another shot.
The fam, not sure what I'm doing with my mouth?...

For Nicole...

This post is for everyone but especially Nicole who was sorely missed last night.

On Tuesday Vince and I went down to Brisbane to watch the 20/20 match between Australia and South Africa. Mum was ever so kind once again to babysit for us (for 2 nights)!! Thanks Mum! The game was pretty good and the atmosphere was great! We'd never been to the Gabba so it was exciting all round! After the match we headed to a bar close to our hotel and pretty much the whole Aussie team came over as well. We didn't get any autographs, but just thought I'd drop that in (stuff like that doesn't happen very often in Darwin!).

Anyway, Vin and I looked around the Southbank area. Checked out the Art Gallery, walked around the Botanical Gardens and spent a fair bit of time on the lawns lazily doing crosswords.. It was such an indulgence and very relaxing without Van (even though he would've loved all the swimming and playgrounds).

We were also very fortunate to catch up with loooooong term friends: Karen, Alan, Danielle (and Phil) and Sorcha (since I was about 9yrs old). They live in Brisbane and we were able to get in touch and catch up! Karen and Alan were pretty much my second set of parents when Nicole (my best mate) and I were growing up in Darwin. Danielle (one of Nicole's little sister's) also made it around to reminisce of how Nicole and I used to torment her (I couldn't recall those moments though?!).. And of course there was Sorcha. Sorcha is my God daughter! Yes, Karen and Alan chose me to be their daughter's Guardian, and I've been doing a great job seeing as though this was about the second time in her life to meet me! I must be doing a good job though, because Sorcha seems like a very nice young lady.. He he... We had a great night! We just picked up where we left off, it didn't seem like 12 years since we had caught up.. We did miss you though Nicole. It wasn't quite the same without you! But don't worry mate - I drank your share of Champers! And who knows - maybe next time we'll all be there together (not to forget Mikaila!)!!...

Karen, myself and Alan.

Sorcha and I.

Monday, January 12, 2009

At the Park.... 2...

Last Gympie trip we went to this park to feed the ducks. We've returned for a feeding session for both the ducks and ourselves (Vince organised and cooked a lovely BBQ for us). Nice lazy afternoon... Vance was certainly more interested in his surroundings this time round.

Lizzi, Nana Jean and Van going for a walk around the park.

Vance going for a jog.

The fam feeding the birds and turtles.

One of the cuter specimens.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Up the creek..

Gone fishin'.... This one's for Dad/Pops... Thinking of you!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Out and about...

We've done lots but forgotten the camera most of the time. Vin and I went on the Gympie Rattler (old train now used for toursits) yesterday while Nana babysat. It's a nice and relaxing day and an interesting way to see the local towns.. And lets face it, who doesn't like going on a train? There's just something about them?! Fast or slow...
Today we went on another road trip around the Glasshouse Mountain area. Stopped in at Paul and Alana's place in Mooloola. Gorgeous block - 15 acres. In fact the whole drive was stunning, a shame we forgot the camera... Oh well..

Here are some photos of us all around the place at different times when the camera has been handy..

Enjoying the hammock in the morning sun. It was probably around 6am, the sun rises early over here and so does Van - yay.

Van at Rainbow beach.

Nana Jean and Van doing some gardening.

Van playing with the gardening tools.

Mum and son playing in the neighbours (borrowed) Flinstone car.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Mosaic Tables

In between day-trips around the Cooloola region we've managed to complete two mosaic tables for Jodi's Mum, Jean. The first one came about because their glass table got blown over with the umbrella left in it. The glass table top shattered in the strong wind. So Jodi volunteered me to mosaic a new top. The table is about 2x2m square. Jodi's parents' house is predominantly red, white, black and silver in colour so I used those colours to fit in with the decor...

Whilst I was mosaicking this table, Jodi decided to do one of her own. Jean had an old round table that was starting to rust, so a mosaic was called for to renew it. Jodi wished to do something that wasn't red/silver/black - just to be different!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Car Obsession..

Van has recently just started blabbing away and saying lots of different words and making more connections with his surroundings. His latest obsession is cars. He hasn't quite defined all the different types of cars - but he LOVES them. And of course, today he worked out how to beep the horn. He needs to put his whole body weight behind it, but he can do it! Here are some photos....

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Van and Pops Bonding..

Dad was home for about 12 days. We managed to jam quite a bit of stuff in during that time. I'm pretty sure that Van and Dad both enjoyed mowing the lawns.. (Here are some photos for you to download while you're in Singapore Dad).

Pops looking pretty pleased!

Van checking it all out.

In control - Van will be mowing the lawns from now on!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Xmas 2008..

Xmas was spent in Gympie. Van was treated to some gifts from Mum and Dad. It was pretty cute to hear him "Wow" and gasp in excitement. We had a relaxed day with Mum, Dad and Mary and Dave. Lots of food and drink... A good time had by all!!