Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Time!

Vin, Van and I are in Gympie staying with Mum (and Dad but he's left now) for about a month. For the first 4 days we were on a houseboat in the Sandy Strait (out from Tin Can Bay). Unfortunately the weather acted up a bit, but it just meant that our movement was limited. We still had a great time. Caught plenty of crabs (Muddies and Blue Swimmers), drank plenty and enjoyed the local beaches. It was fun running out on the tender to different places for a swim and a bit of live bait collection. Van got used to it after a while, besides very early mornings he was quite well behaved. Here are some pics....

Father and son coming down off the top deck.

Nanna and Pops entertaining Vance.

Pops and Vance bonding.

Nanna Jean trying to get some food into Vance.

Hairbrushing time.

Dad and Dave Reader. Nice, big muddy we caught.

Mum and son relaxing (watching a DVD) while the weather was windy.

Mary Reader enjoying the houseboat!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

DIY goth baby

This is what happens when an 18-month old chews and sucks on the nib of a black marker (non-toxic thankfully). I hope he's not going to be an "emo" when he grows up :(
He is obsessed with markers (textas) at the moment - he will draw a little, but mostly enjoys taking the lids off and throwing them around the loungeroom.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Hello? This is Vance calling!

Vance has found new fascination with the phone. He is trying to talk in to it now -not just randomly press buttons.