Thursday, October 16, 2008

Love is in the air....

Hi all. I hope that from the title of this post that you now have the old classic song stuck in your head. Mission complete..

On the 5th of October, Vince and I went on a harbour cruise for my birthday. It was a very civilised and enjoyable evening on the Alfred Noble vessel which includes a four course meal with a full bar and table service. It was a very relaxing night as Vance was at home being looked after by our beautiful neighbour Julie.

We moored in at the Wharf and decided to stay back and have a drink or two to wait for the taxi rush to pass. It was at this time that Vince presented me with a small gift that he had bought in Broome and proposed to me! I guess I was pretty speechless (that's twice in my life - both times with Vince). It's a beautiful ring - a black pearl with a small diamond on a silver band. Of course I said yes :) No date (not even year) set yet but we'll let you know once we work it out! Here's the ring from a couple of different angles: