Monday, September 29, 2008

Darryn and Tuyen..

Congratulations to my brother Darryn and Tuyen on their marriage! They had a cosy gathering of family and close friends last Thursday at the ceremony and then went on to a restuarant for a delightful dinner. Unfortunately Dad and I couldn't make it, but Mum and Gran represented us all. I am very happy for the married couple and wish them a happy life together. Love you Daz - nice one!! Here are some photos that Mum has sent on to me.

The good looking couple. Darryn (who scrubs up very nicely) and Tuyen (who looks gorgeous in her traditional Vietnamese ceremony garment).

Mum, Darryn, Tuyen and Auntie Tami.

Family photo.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Broome Days 3, 4 & 5 (Camel Toes and Footy)

My sister Sam arrived on Thursday and we spent another evening down the beach, having a BBQ and taking in the sunset. We went down past Cable Beach this time. This is where they take the famous camel trains loaded with tourists. We also got a chance to try out Van's new kite.

Dad, Vance, Carolyn & Vince with the new kite in the background.

Silhouette of the camel train with our car on the right.

Sam and Vance checking out the camels.

Another view of the camel train.

On Saturday it was the AFL (or GayFL - depending on which camp you're from [no pun intended]) Grand Final. Dad is an avid Geelong supporter so we had to watch it. The rest of us were going for Hawthorn just to annoy him mainly, but also so we'd get a good game. As it turned out Hawthorn were the better team on the day so that was good!
Vance with Granddad - a disappointed supporter. Looks like Van is giving the noose signal too!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Water Pool

Second video from the beach in Broome. Here we stumbled across a little pool someone had made. Vance tried walking through it but it was deeper than he thought. He enjoyed falling over so much he turned around and went back to do it again... and again... and again...

Tennis Ball

Here's a video from Day 2 at the beach. Vance loved throwing and chasing a tennis ball in the shallows. He kept falling over or getting knocked over by the little waves but kept coming back for more!

Broome Day 2

Hi all. Just a couple of quick pics from our second day here in Broome. It was Dad's birthday today!

We went down to Cable Beach again this evening. Lovely spot.

Vance hamming it up for the camera.
High tide with Granddad and Brown Dog.
Sunset over Gantheaume Point with the lighthouse on the left and a boat coming in on the right.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Vance and I are in Broome for a week. We came to have a break from Darwin, to visit Dad for his birthday, and to see Dad and Carolyn before they leave Broome for good at the end of the year.
The trip from Darwin is pretty nice - 13/4 hours on the plane. Vance was pretty good and only started to grizzle on our descent into Broome.

We had a quiet afternoon yesterday, adjusting to the heat and letting Van check out the place - while we rearranged stuff out of his reach...

Up nice and early today - sun up at about 5.30am - Van up at about 5.35am...

Relaxed and went to one of the famous beaches this afternoon. It was good to see white sand and clear blue water again! He loved running around in the nude for a couple of hours, throwing the tennis ball for the dog, splashing in the water, demolishing Dad's sandcastle, and munching on watermelon. Enough rambling - here are some photos:

Granddad chasing Vance with the video camera, "Brown Dog" in tow.
Vance with his new bucket.
Vance with his new Tonka truck, watching Granddad build a sandcastle.
Vance destroying Granddad's masterpiece.
Enjoying the expanse of white sand.
Kicking back with some watermelon as the sun starts to go down.
Vance with the sun almost gone in the background.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Van's table and chair...

Hello Van fans. I know there are a few of you out there and I'm sorry we've neglected our blogspot of late. Here are some photos of Van enjoying his new table and chairs. He now mostly sits at his table on his chair to eat his meals.

Cheeky monkey!!

What a poser!?!

The latest.....

Had a bit of a surprise this week. Marty has some work in Darwin for about a month, so we've caught up with him this weekend and taken him out to Ant and Nee's place for a lovely dinner!!
The block is looking great with their bathroom taking shape! They've done the paving and Nee's created their bathroom vanity unit from a cable spool. Looks awesome! Here are some happy snaps.

The bathroom area.

The temporary shower area soon to be moved into the new bathroom area.

Renee's piece of art work!! The taps have been mounted on their own black too.. Not to forget the push botton plug!!!

Antman and Martymus. Happy to be back in each other's arms again.

The obligitory photo of Van man. Getting into everything like a madman.