Monday, August 11, 2008

Van Visits...

Young Van man is quite popular! Nana Jean and Aunty Sam have just returned to their homes from a lovely visit.. We were all very busy with Van making sure everyone woke up nice and early.. Both Sam and Mum had busy agendas too fitting in as much as they could. A wedding, the Darwin Cup, Sam went out to Kakadu and Mum did the rounds of all the relies and friends. Not to forget all babysitting and hands free time Vince and I got! Everyone was happy! Here are just a few photos....

Aunty Sam taking car of Vance down by the pool.

Nana Jean getting lots of love while she was here.

Vance waking up Aunty Sam with his new best mate "sheet".

B&W shot of Vance after he'd pulled sheet off his head.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Block Update...

Last night Sam (Vince's sister), Vin, Van and I went down to Ant and Nee's block to catch up. We've all been busy and haven't seen each other in a while, so we were quite surprised to see the amount of progress they've made!!

The shed roof's up!

The bathroom has been updated with undercover area and running water from an actual shower!! Also the water tank is in!

Ant had just finished angle grinding out the side of one of the containers, or now as they refer to it as 'The Sound Shell'. Nice protected little area in there.

My kind of living area.

Aunty Sam and Van playing with the birds.

Look at that water pressure!!!! The kitchen sink.

Gotta get the token baby shot in there somewhere!!

Father and Son fire time.

Sam and Ant...