Friday, March 21, 2008

Grandad visit...

Jeff /Vince's Dad/Grandad dropped into Darwin to visit (travelling from Tassie to Broome) last week. Unfortunately at the start both Vance and I were sick and not much company. Vin was getting pretty run down keeping everything in order at home.. So we weren't much fun at all. Both Van and I began feeling better mid week, so thankfully Jeff's trip wasn't in vain. We managed to catch up almost every day and by the end of Jeff's trip Grandad and Grandson had a few laughs and plays. Thanks for the visit Jeff! We all enjoyed it! I know Van LOVES all the visits he gets from his wonderful family! See you again sometime soon hopefully. Happy Easter all and I hope that Sam enjoys her trip to Broome this weekend!!

Van getting a little slap happy with Grandad!

A bit excited still and flapping around.

Watching some home video's with Grandad.

Arm in arm - very cute.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Self Promotion/Cash Cow/Merch/I've Sold Out

I just signed up to a website called RedBubble. It is designed for artists to promote their work and, maybe, sell it. I have put a couple of designs from my ABC Animals book (as yet unpublished - rejected again!) that people can buy as TShirts. Check them out. They make great gifts for that someone special... ;)
Buy my art

Friday, March 07, 2008

Another Lesson Learnt

Parenting Beginner's Lesson Number 27: Keep crawling babies and toddlers away from the temptation of a full roll of toilet paper...
Leaving the scene of the crime.
Did I do something wrong, Dad?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Aunty Sam

My sister Sam paid us a quick visit over the weekend. She wanted to get away from Perth for a few days for a break so came and stayed with us (on the loungeroom floor) for 5 days. We didn't really get up to much - just looked after Van and went out and about round Darwin. We mostly just relaxed and spent time together. It was good. Sam and Mum are coming back in May so it'll be good to see family again. It's nice to get visitors up here!