Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Handful

What could Van get into thats worse than a box of tissues? Well, plenty of things really - especially the more dangerous stuff (hot iron, chemicals, over the balcony, etc) - but this morning he succeeded in stripping one of our shelves of it's CDs. He's been trying for the last week and managed to get more than one of them off this time!

Feeding Time


Monday, February 25, 2008

Cooper's, Baby

Still drinking Cooper's Pale Ale after all these years - although it won't be long until our first batch of home-brew is ready to start drinking. Put it down last week in a bid to cut luxury costs (2 cartons worth of Mexican beer for $20) so we'll see how that goes. Got the kit and stuff from OzBrew. Cool shop with lots of interesting goodies to brew your own beer or distill your own spirits.

Anyway, Vance has always taken a keen interest in beer bottles - possibly because he always wants whatever's in Mum or Dad's hands, and they're shiny and cold.

He was playing with an empty carton so we put him inside for a happy snap...

Jodi's father, Dave, popped in for a visit on his way to work (from Brisbane to Singapore). Vance also appreciated the bottle in Pop's hand...

Friday, February 22, 2008

A Handful

Vance is just over 9 months old now. He is crawling everywhere at speed, and standing up with the aid of tables/chairs/couches/beds/desks. He can "walk" along whilst holding on to these things too. Not sure how much he weighs or how tall he is - suffice it to say that he is pretty big and heavy. Two teeth finally broke through his lower gum last week. He hasn't been too well - apparently teething can supposedly cause diarrhoea, but there is also a tummy-bug going around at the moment. A double-whammy for him.
He will be walking in the next couple of months so Van will become even more of a handful. Below is the sight we were greeted with yesterday afternoon when he was left to his own devices for a couple of minutes in the loungeroom. The fun and games are just beginning...
PS. Big congratulations to Stew and Lana on the news of their impending arrival. Good luck guys!
Ah, the joys of a brand new box of tissues...