Thursday, November 29, 2007

Granny visit..

Granny (Carolyn) visited Vance yesterday on her way down to Tassie. It was another fantastic stop over visit which we've had a few of recently. Carolyn hasn't visited since Vance was one month old - so there was a lot more happening this time round. Vance had a great time playing with Granny!! She was making him laugh heaps!! Thanks Carolyn for dropping by - we all enjoyed catching up. Hope you managed to get some good sleep after your run of night shifts and travel.. Here are some happy snaps!!
Granny entertaining Van with Bert..
Vance doing his Bert impersonation.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Singing in the bath!


Just too cute!!

Hey guys - gotta post these pics of Van. Of course I'm biased being Van's Mum and all. But how cute is he?!!

Van and his Dad mucking around in the bath. Van's sitting up vey well these days and we're thinking it won't be long before he's quite mobile.

Van playing in Mum's hat - Dad mucking around with him again..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ant and Renee's little slice of paradise!!

The other day Ant and Renee signed the dotted line for their 5 acre block in Herbert. We went out for our firt visit and had a little romp around the place. Renee was pointing out lots of the native plants: Terminalias, Iron woods, Cycads and most importantly - the Wooly butts (to name the few I remember). It's a beautiful block and they have great plans for the place. We will follow their progress and keep you all posted. Here are some happy snaps...

Renee, Vince, Owen, Vance and Ant. Note the arched cycad that Vince is leaning on..

A random shot of all the trees (maybe young iron woods?)..

Lot 4723 is now sold!!

A nice shot of the happy couple - Ant and Nee..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Van's First bike ride!!

The other day we bought a new bike seat to take Van for a ride.. We bought a seat which is easily attached and removed to make it less cumbersome to take up and down the stairs.. He doesn't like his helmet much which is admitedly a little too big for him right now.. When we first put it on him he screamed his head off - it's the first time he's shown real distaste for anything.. However the next day he was more tolerant. He enjoyed the ride - Mum enjoyed it more!! Lucky Vince will be able to ride with him everywhere next dry season!! Here are a few pics....

That's Van under there!!

Mum trying to put the helmet on swiftly.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Grandad Day!!

Vince's Dad and my Dad came to Darwin yesterday just stopping through on route to other destinations. Van was happy to see both of them (and so were we)! We're pretty lucky that our families make such efforts - it's great! I got some photos of Pops, Vin and Van in the pool - but unfortunately didn't manage to get any of Grandad Jeff and Van (too busy with the night duties). It was good though - Van was very lucky to receive some gifts from Jeff and Carolyn (thanks guys) - I'll post some photos of Van playing with them a little later on..

Van and Pops.

Van looking very pleased with himself in his swimming ring.

Dad and Van.

Van getting a little bored with it all - time for bed!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


We recently purchased a walker for Van to use. He was starting to get bored just laying around in his gym. He has also become extremely interested in everything around him - he's a big stickybeak - and wants to see it all. So he absolutely loves the walker: it gives him a bit of freedom to move around and check things out. Thanks to Dave & Jean for helping out with the walker...
As of November 9 he is now 6 months old (that has gone by really quickly) and weighs in at 8.5 kg!

I tried to edit this video but the program I was using kept freezing so apologies for the length...