Monday, October 22, 2007

Pops and Van...

Dad came home tonight and Van was still awake... Van had been an absolute maniac an hour before - but he was mellow or happy when Dad came home.. We caught a few happy snaps.. Sweet. I was just glad to have someone else hold him for a while!
We think Van was stunned to be around a man again!!
So happy to see his Pops he wanted to eat him up!
A nice shot of Van, Mum and Dad.

Feeding Time at the Park...

We took Vance and Lizzi down to the park for a little bird feeding.. We thought that Vance would get a kick out of it.. He was mildly amused. Mostly looking at Mum and I trying to get him to look at the birds. It was nice though -he did look around and Lizzi cam head to head with a black swan which was entertaining too..
Van looking at me (not the birds)...
Van looking at Mum (not the birds).
Mum trying to get Van to watch the birds feeding..

Lunch Time Fun...

Today's the warmest day in Gympie since we've been here. We've tried to sit outside and enjoy the balcony previously but it's just been too cool.. Finally we could sit leisurely outside! It's a nice space - Mum and Dads house is sweet.

Van and Mum playing on Nana Jeans balcony..

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Spider.... Blurghhhh...

Here's a spider that lives near and around mums kitchen.. When its legs are straightened out Mum says it is more than 15cm across... The photo doesn't do it any justice.. I keep thinking that I feel something down my back... Yuck.. Sweet dreams...

Noosa Drive...

We've had a nice Sunday checking out Noosa... It's a bit swanky for me - but it was nice to go for a walk and have lunch.

Van and Mum on one of the many water fronts.

Van and Nana Jean having a laugh..

Van watching Mum and Nana Jean eat their lunch....

Van's First World Cup..

We were all up nice and early this morning. Just so happened that the World Cup Grand Final was also on.. We all piled into Mum and Dads bed to watch it in the warm... Van wasn't that impressed and neither were we.. He's decided that he won't go for those teams but hasn't told me who he wants to play for yet?? He he...

Nana Jean and Van.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Qld Trip...

Hey there folks.. We are still in cool Gympie.. We doing plenty of walks and catching up with lots of different people.. Unfortunately I haven't gotten photos with people -too busy chatting and doing the baby thing..

The other day we went up to Burrum Heads to visit my cousin Brooke.. Fabulous little beach town - they run a motel on the beach and look extremely happy and healthy..

Popped into Howard to see Mary and Dave and had a beer.. They've also settled into the Qld lifestyle well...

Sue and Peter popped in today to visit Vance and have lunch.. And Lyn dropped by for scones and tea in the arvo..

It's pretty busy but great fun and a nice change..

Nana Jean is a super star!!

We miss Dad/Vince lots!

One of the many beautiful Jacaranda trees in Gympie in flower. The town looks absolutely gorgeous sprinkled in purple.

Van man and Nana Jean.

Nana Jean, Van and Lizzi walking in Tin Can Bay.

Rainbow in Tin Can Bay (ending at Rainbow beach).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nana Jean Visit...

Vance and I are in Gympie visiting Nana Jean at the moment.. It is our first trip and everything seems to be going pretty well really..

The flight was fine. Not a peep out of him.. Fed him on take off and landing - and I think he would have slept through most of the flight if it wasn't for a little treasure sitting behind us (my time will come).

It's a bit colder than usual over here which is a nice change for me - but I'm not sure that Vance really knows what's going on. He's sleeping pretty well but his routine is all over the place.. Doesn't matter when you're on holidays..

Van is giving Nana Jean the works! Lots of smiles and chats! He also seems to be most amused by Lizzi (labrador) - for some reason he laughs out loud whenever he sees her and she licks him.

Mum's smitten with Van and is loving having us around.. It's great being here to see Mum and Dad's new home in Gympie. We both miss Vince/Dad though.. Wish he was here with us - however, a break is nice for us all.. Love you Vince - Vance gives you a big cuddle and smile.. XXX
Lizzi and Vance. We went for a quick walk down the street. Vance is all rugged up.. The first time he's worn a beanie.
Van man kicking back and getting ready for the ride.. He's a pretty easy going baby..

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Birthday Bash..

Ho hum.. Dum di di dum.. Yeah - birthday time again for me.. 32 today (yesterday).. Not much to celebrate really these days - but it was a nice excuse to get all our mates together down the foreshore (yet again)..

It was a fun afternoon/night.. Had the volleyball and the rugby out. Plenty of yummy food and cake organised by my wonderful friends! Everyone even passed Van around all night to take care of him for me! Awwww - so sweet!

Had a good time

Here are my mates..

Danielle and Craig.


Vin and Van.

Ant and Renee.

Dylan, Ellen, Myra, Tess and Tristan (Owen's girls and Danielle and Dennis' boys)


Owen with the Tiger beer hat.

Dennis and Danielle.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Shaved Poke: The Movie

He is "talking" heaps more now. In the last week he has taken to squealing when he's excited. It's amusing to start with but very loud - and we're not sure he's OK until we double-check on him: then it's all bloody smiles! He is also sticking out his tongue a lot more. We noticed he can roll his tongue - got those genes from his Mum.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Shaved Poke....

No more whispy baby curls. We've started fresh with a number 3 & 4 shave to see how it all grows back. Lots of people say that he looks a couple of months older now. Also that he's looking a bit more like Mum.. We just think he looks like more of a bruiser.. He's getting bigger every day.. At 4 months and 3 weeks he's weighing in at 7.68 kgs and is 71.5cm long. He's doing well.. Here are some happy snaps...

Before: Still got the curls and sideburns. Burns were coming down to the bottom of his cheeks, and furballs were appearing at the back of his head, along with mini-dreads... Plus the build-up has all but started up here now so he was getting pretty sweaty too!

After: Number 4 on top with No. 3 up the sides. Smooth operator!

Here he is trying to grab the camera. He is reaching out for everything now - especially if it's in Mum or Dad's hands. He is especially fixated on the iPod and beer bottles...

Happy camper. Laying with Shecky the sea turtle (present from Auntie Sam).