Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nothing I Could Say - Total Eclipse of the Moon!

Please excuse the title - had Bonnie Tyler's crap 80's song in my head since last week when I heard about the Lunar Eclipse. To add insult to injury, some hippies viewing the event near us last night sang the entire song word for word.

Anyway, we had a lovely night viewing this interesting event. Van was very good and chilled out on the foreshore. We stayed for the entirety of the eclipse, from the shadow going over, to the total ecplise, to the shadow receding again. Pretty amazing phenomenon and nice and slow (unlike solar eclipse) so it was perfect for a couple of quiet ones with friends and food!

Early on in the night. Framed by the Casuarina pines on the foreshore.

Gives a perspective of where we were.

Nearly total eclipse.

After total eclipse. Reflection just about to come out.

Light getting stronger.

Light even stronger causing lens flare.

Same again.

Lunar Eclipse

Last night The Easy Targets took a break from volleyball to hang out down the foreshore and watch the Lunar Eclipse.. Vince got some good shots and we just basically had dinner and hung out. We were all pretty stuffed but it was nice to make the effort as it's always relaxing down there.. Vance was pretty good, don't know that he was that impressed though.. Vince will post some lunar shots after this, I'm just posting this shot of Vance passed out because people keep emailing me and asking for more pics of Vance... Here it is..

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Influence (Part Two)

Hi all. It's a been a month since we last posted - thanks to everyone for letting us know! At least we know people are checking out the blog and can't wait for the next installment (to Van though - not us...)

Anyway, this will probably disappoint some but here are some baby photos of Jodi following on from those of Vince (The Influence Part 1). Thanks to Jean for sending them up.

Vance is about 6.7kg and 67.7cm long at the moment. He's still growing and smiling. Everything's pretty good and we're getting more in to a routine now - not easier just better I guess!

Still no real idea of who Van looks like. Depending on who you ask, he looks like Vince with his hair, but then someone else swears that he looks like Jodi with his eyes and nose. Make up your own mind:

Jodi at 4 months.

Jodi at 4 months.

Jodi at 6 months.

Jodi at 6 months.