Friday, July 27, 2007

Father & Son Fun!!

Hi everyone! This is a particularly cute video of Vince and Vance playing on our bed.. Vance is a pretty happy baby most of the time and loves to smile and play. He's getting pretty strong and it won't be long before we can throw him around and stuff! Yay!

Now that Vince is back at work I'm trying to bring a little structure and routine into our lives.. I had a chat with some mates (Narissa and Danielle - cheers girls) and got their experiences and routines... As it turns out I gave it a go (quite leniently as Vance is quite young still - but stuck to the main priniciples) and hey presto it's working a treat.. Last night we got home from the foreshore, bathed Vance and put him down at 7pm, woke him for a feed at 10:30pm and then he slept through 'til 4:30am and went back down 'til 6:30am.. That's pretty sweet!! Now that we have a kind of routine we don't have to rock Vance to sleep at all - he just nods himself off!! Nice...

It's a long weekend here in Darwin (Show Weekend). As we won't be going to the show, we're just gonna hang out and do some gardening and stuff.. On Sunday we're going out to Berry Springs for Renee's birthday!! Yay - it'll be Vances first birthday party and first trip to Berry Springs!! Obviously we'll post some pics after the event!

For now - get a giggle from this little beauty!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Baby Sumo

Jodi took Vance to the Community Health Centre this morning. He now weighs 6.02kg (13.3lb) and measures 62.5cm (24.6") in length. He is really stacking it on! He is a non-stop feeding machine - at the moment he will feed almost every two hours (has done for the last two weeks). He has slept through the night twice, and every other night will wake up three or four times for a feed. We tried him out on the baby formula last night for the first time (get him used to it in case Jodi isn't around for whatever reason), and despite everyone swearing by it to see them through the night he still went straight back to the breast after he'd finished the bottle then proceeded to wake up a few times throughout the night! He could be a big boy when he grows up!

Van asleep in our bed...

Gym Junkie

We just purchased a baby "gym" thing for Vance (thanks Dad & Carolyn!). He is happy laying in it for up to an hour amusing himself. Good buy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Vance Babble

Not only is Vance smiling heaps now, but he's also starting to "talk" a bit. He can lie there for ages babbling away to himself, or will goo and ga to you when he's in a happy mood. Very cute...

Wild Man

Camping just wouldn't be the same without a campfire. We managed to nab a site with a "designated fire area" at the campgrounds. We had a fire both nights, but before the second night, Ant went out on his own and gathered a ton of wood. Then we sat in front of it all night as it blazed away. And because it was our last night camping we HAD to use all the wood...

Camp TV.

Wild Man Ant playing with fire...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Camping Trip!!

Well, it's the dry season again and time for some camping.. We decided to go to Edith falls for our first family trip as it is a lovely and convenient place to go.. We were also lucky to have Ant and Renee come camping too !! It's always good to have tops company (and an extra set of hands)!!

We went down for a couple of nights and walked up to the upper pool to get a bit of blood flowing through the system.. It was an extremely relaxing trip - very chilled and well prepared.. Amazing!! Vance was a trooper and loved the outdoors. He didn't sleep so well the second night but I guess that's just all a part of parenting...

Here are some happy snaps...

Vince and Vance - the front carrier was a hit! Unfortuntely you cant see a lot of Vance as we had to cover him up in the sun.

Renee and Ant - Renee kept us informed on our local flora and different weeds as we were walking - good stuff to know!

Mum and Vance chilling out and having a chat at the tops of the falls.

Renee, Vance and I having some snacks and relaxing at the end of the day.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Territory Day Celebrations

Well it was that time of year again yesterday - Territory Day. The day celebrates the anniversary of self-governance for the NT (1978) and our 'Territory' lifestyle (though Little Johnny can still step in whenever he likes as we aren't actually a fully-fledged State - and he did exactly that last week by sending in the troops...)

Anyway, as a major part of the celebrations anyone can go and buy their own fireworks and then set them off on the night (the ACT and us are the only places in Australia where can you still do this). It's a lot of fun, especially if you've never done it before, and it brings out the child in a lot of people (the alcohol probably helps too).

The foreshore near our place is a great spot to do it and you're surrounded by fireworks from all sides. It resembles a warzone with loud explosions, flares, and smoke drifting through the trees (think of Apocolypse Now). I heard on the news this morning that a guy lost an eye after standing over his crackers after he'd lit them - some people just have no idea. We seem to attract all the morons too when we're down there - a bunch of guys were next to us and ended up throwing exploding crackers at each other. Rockets and sparks were flying in all directions - not the best place to take a baby (or any young kids for that matter). But Jodi was carrying Vance in the baby carrier and maintained a safe distance throughout the night. He actually slept through most of it!

Below are a selection of images from the night (all taken with longer shutter speeds - between 4 and 20 seconds...)

Taken from Ant & Renee's balcony. They live across the road from the foreshore. You can see the lights from cars in the foreground - running the gauntlet!

A Ladybird going up (look closely and you can actually see the spiral it made as it took off) with Ant, Renee, Owen and his girls observing.

Two Ladybirds going up with another cracker exploding off to the right.

In the thick of the action. As you may well imagine, the firefighters are on high alert and really hate this night...

Taken looking up in to the sky.

The night before was a full moon (actually a blue moon) and I tried to capture all the smoke going across the moon through the trees, but had the long exposure on. Still turned out an interesting picture...

I took this video in the thick of the action. I panned 360 degrees so you can see fireworks coming from all sides... Picture quality doesn't really do it justice, but if you turn the sound up you'll get the idea of what its like in the middle of it all!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mum & Bub

Today we finally bought a baby carrier. Jane gave us her old baby sling, but Vance didn't like laying in it (thanks anyway Mum!). After much deliberation we managed to snare a second-hand Baby Bjorn carrier (half the price of a new one - normally $180.00!?!). We tried it on in the shop and Vance fell asleep in it straight away - always a good sign. With this one he can sit upright and wave his arms and legs around. Also when he's a little bigger he can sit facing outward so he can see what's happening. He likes to be part of the action! Highly recommended (if you have a baby...)

Danielle didn't like this photo so we'll put another on!! He he..

Much of the same..

Stevo Surprise

Stevo also returned to Darwin for a brief visit last week. He surprised us at the beach - Ant & Renee set it all up. We hadn't seen him for about 18 months when he left with the Boys to head down to Perth. He wanted to catch up with everyone in Darwin, but especially to see Vance for the first time. "Another baby in the Crew" as he would say!

Vance happy - especially with the Wallabies guernsey (Hi Jean!)

Jane Visited!

Last week my Mum (Jane) visited for a couple of days. It was nice for her to be able to make it up here, even if it was only for a short time. Not long enough! But she'll be back in a few months time.

We mostly just hung out around the unit, walked down the foreshore, went to the markets, and lunch and dinner at the Trailer Boat Club. Just a nice quiet time - after all, when you have a baby you can't exactly go crazy or anything! Anyway nice to see Mum again, and for her to see her first grandchild!

Mum waking up with Vance.

Mum and Vance relaxing before lunch.