Saturday, May 26, 2007

Water Baby..

Van had his first shower today with Dad.. A bit of variety and not as hard as running a bath each time - plus it makes for a nice photo opportunity.. So here they are - the 2 spunky men of my life..

Heart breakers - Vin and Van...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Influence (Part 1)

Thought we'd sift through some baby photos to see if we could find any similarities between ourselves as babies and Vance at the moment. Quite interesting. Just need Nanna Jean to send over some baby photos of Jodi!

We can see where he might get his hair, chin, cheeks and maybe eyes from. Below are some pics of Vince when he was but a wee lad...

Vince 2.5 weeks old.
Vince 6 weeks old.
4 months old.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bath Time!

The life of a baby isn't a bad one hey?? Boobs, play, sleep, burps, whizzes, poops, toots and baths.. Van the man digs his bath.. And why not? He gets to lay back in a nice warm bath while someone cleans him up and coos gently ('cos we're trying get him sleepy).. It's a nice time of the day where he gets to kick back and practise his kicking reflex. At the moment we are washing him in the bathroom basin - not sure when he'll be too big for it, we'll just work it out as we go. Then we'll move onto a baby bath or just use the bottom of our shower?.. Anyway, here's some footage.. We'd just got back from volleyball and keen to settle him down. He seems to have gotten into a routine of being quite alert and active between 7-10pm, sometimes he gets a little over tired.. But he's sleeping longer through the night so that's a good trade off. He slept 5 hours straight last night.. Sweet!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Vid

Vance is now 11 days old. Time flying past! I'm back at work now. The first couple of days were pretty weird - very vague, with my brain still at home. But it's gotta be done...

Here is the latest video for the family. Vance on the futon just waking up and stretching. He's sleeping a lot more now - only woke up once last night. He's grown already too!

More B&W

Jodi's Mum & Dad have left to go back to QLD today. It was really good having them around - especially for the birth of Vance. Their first grandchild was a pretty special occasion. And they helped us a lot. We'll miss them, but I guess it gives us an excuse to visit Gympie some time in the near future!

Vance and Nanna Jean

Vance and Nanna Jean again.

Lovin' the Black & White photos...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm Free!

Some more video for the relatives (especially Mum and Sam!) Apparently so much better than just photos, so I'll oblige...

Tuesday night is beach volleyball night and we just got back. Jodi played for the first time in about 5 months. We took Vance and he slept the whole time in his capsule. It was really good for Jodi to get out and release some exercise endorphins. We're trying to get him out and about as much as we can. Expose him to life - all the sights and sounds, and fresh air.

Anyway here's the new footage - Vance without the muslin wrap. He enjoys stretching his limbs and watching the sides of his bassinette. I was lucky enough to catch his cute sneeze on film...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

First Video

Vance in his bassinet. Chilling out and checking out the world. Wish he was this relaxed in the middle of the night...

Happy Mother's Day!

What better present than a newborn for Mother's Day? Pretty good timing on Jodi's part! Things are slowly settling down now at home. Vance is sleeping a little longer. His body clock seems to be the wrong way around at the moment - sleeping all day then awake and hungry all night. His two best friends, B1 and B2, are keeping him going though...
Here's just one more pic. Will ease up now, we promise!
Van impersonating a green grub...

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's Official!

Hi everybody - we've named our new mate "Vance Vernon". We like the sound of Vance which can be shortened to Van.. I'm already calling him Van the man - and I'm sure you can all make up your own nick names.. Vance has many meanings, one of which is "high". Others include: "marsh-dweller", "thresher" and "resident of the windmill" - obviously we like the first meaning the best... Vernon is Vince's Grandfather's (Dad's side) name, and for those of you who don't know - Poke is Vince's and Van's last name.

The midwife has just been and gone and said that Vance and family are doing just fine. She also dropped off some photo's of during and immediately after the birth. I'll share the photos, but the labour and birth story can wait for a bit I reckon.

Vince is on paternity leave until Wednesday and it's just been the best being together in this early period. It's wonderful!

In the birth pool in between contractions.

Straight after Vance was born.

The new family!
Proud Pops (Jodi's dad)
Nanna Jean (Jodi's mum)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bundle of Joy (9 months hard work forgotten in a moment)

Jodi and son have arrived home this afternoon. Given the all clear at the hospital. I've been busy sorting everything out here, trying to get it all up to speed, not really knowing if it's cool or what... He (still working on the name - got a month or so to decide officially) is loving breast feeding and seems to be pretty calm and quiet most of the time.
Not sure what it is about black and white photos of babies, but here's the first one of ours. Cliche or not, it works...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Expected Baby Birthday

Yes, I'm still carrying the little one.. Just a couple of days to go to the expected date of birth (8/5) but no feelings of labour just yet.. I have an appointment with the midwives on the 10th if I still haven't gone into labour and they will give my cervex a massage (kinda like a pap smear) to help the process and other ideas.. I figure if the baby isn't ready then it isn't ready.. It's an INCREDIBLE waiting process.. I'm trying not to think about it and stay busy - but I must admit that for an impatient person like me - it's HARD.. It's a long time!
If the midwives can't help with the labour I have a doctors appointment on the 16th - this is when we discuss the induction process. They intervene with a hormone called oxytocin which begins the contractions at a rapid rate.. It speeds everything up and is a fairly rough and ready process from what I've heard - but if it's gotta be done, I guess it's gotta be done.. Apparently if the baby stays in longer there's the chance that the bones in the skull harden and grow and it can be a traumatic birth for both baby and Mum because there's less space and give in the birth canal...
Anyway, by request here are some pics of me looking absolutely fabulous at full term... Gorgeous!!!
Me and Lizzi (Mum and Dads dog). Just about to take her for a walk down the beach..
Pretty much 40 weeks pregnant - I look okay with clothes covering my belly.

Sorry if this photo offends some.. Vinces idea for me to expose myself (or the baby).. Pretty freaky stuff!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

New Book for the Kiddies

Scroll to the bottom of the page for a preview of new book "written" and illustrated by Vince. It has been forwarded to a publisher in Sydney for perusal. Who knows, something may come of it...
For those of you that haven't seen it, ABC Animals contains an animal and adjective corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. EG. Angry Ant.