Sunday, February 18, 2007


A couple of weeks ago Jodi and I had some work done on our sore muscles after we finished the bathroom. We visited a friend who is a qualified masseur and she pulled out the Chinese cups. They are placed on acupuncture points then vaccuum sealed on to the spot. They're left on for 5 to 10 minutes depending upon the soreness of the area. Jodi wasn't too bad, but my back came out in bruises that lasted for over a week. But after they'd gone down we both felt a bit more relaxed. It's worth a try - just be prepared for some strange looks when you're at the beach or pool!

War of the Worlds

We were sitting out on our balony yesterday evening and noticed the clouds. There's still very little rain, but at least we get some interesting clouds to watch. This looks like some kind of vortex, or the moment before the aliens drop down and destroy humanity (whatever that is)...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bathroom Before...

Found some before pics of the bathroom just so you can get an idea of what it looked like. Pink and white wall tiles, brown shower floor tiles, and yellow walls and ceiling. Nice.

Here you can see the curtain rod with string holding the curtain up!

The shower floor. Early 80s brown...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bathroom Bashing!!

Well, we've been in our unit for about 2 years now - and we're at the end of the reno's.. Phewee! Hoorah! Over the Xmas holi's Vince (mostly) and I (his assistant) have been working on the bathroom. Most of the work was in the preparation.. There was a massive list of things to do - and now there is only the work we can't do remaining (custom made cabinets)....

There was a fair amount of patching required, and with patching comes sanding and cleaning. We had a plumber to come in and move some taps for us (washing machine) and remove a basin. We had to remove and replace the fibroboard stuff behind the toilet (Vince had to remove and replace the cistern as well - I had to pee a lot downstairs for a few days), then there was more patching required with that! All the fittings had to come off around the bathroom.

Then there was the tiling.. We decided to go over the top of the old tiles to save ourselves the painful job of jack hammering the tiles off.. The tiling wasn't too bad actually. We learnt very quickly to use the spirit level after every row (nothing is level or square in our unit).. We also had to waterproof the shower area. This needed to be certified by a tiler, so - we did the job and then got a tiler in to certify the job for a carton.. Sweet - gotta love Darwin.. Vince had to grind back 50% of the tile faces - that took him a couple of days, and it was a shitty, sweaty, dusty job. I got to clean up afterwards. There was about one centimetre of dust over everything.. Crazy! Then the sealing. More tiling.. Vince tiled the hob - this was not much fun as he had to cut every tile..

The shower floor tiles were on order and didn't arrive until after we were back at work.. We were showering down stairs by the pool for 3 weeks waiting for them. That was okay when we were on holi's, but the novelty quickly wore thin when we started work.. Not to worry - it's all apart of the fun!! So the tiles arrived and Vince set to work on the weekend. We're glad we waited for them because they look great!

The finale was the shower rod. It was really high because it was drilled into the wall above the bathroom window.. This was really annoying and unsightly as a regular shower curtain was too short to reach the floor, therefore useless so we made extensions with string. Vince had a vision of a solution.. He tried it out and it worked!! Pure genius! I sharn't go into detail - I'll let the photo's do the talking.

Our new bathroom is tops! Clean! Bright! Home made! Come over sometime and give it a go!!