Friday, July 28, 2006

Back To School Part 2

Campfire - gives me a warm fuzzy feeling!

Sunset through the trees.

Resident Water Buffalo at Douglas Daly.

Douglas Daly Riverside Camping

Back To School

Well, the holidays have come to an end. Back at work. A bit hard to get back in to the routine after a 4 week break, but it has to be done...
My mum and brother (Jack) came and visited us for nearly two weeks. We checked out Darwin with them - restaurants, rock climbing, mini-golf, and sunsets on the foreshore. After that we went camping for 4 days. We travelled South towards Katherine to a place called Leliyn (Edith Falls) which is part of the Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge). There is a walking trail along the escarpment that is about 60km long. We did a 10km section one day. It was pretty nice. We saw two Brown snakes, a cane toad and had a couple of quick swims in some of the waterholes along the trail.
We stayed at that campground for 2 days. Nice and green.
Then we travelled to Katherine to get supplies, before heading North to the Douglas-Daly region. We camped on the banks of the Douglas river (no saltwater crocs in this particular area). That night Jack and I killed 5 cane toads next to the river. They are slowly but surely advancing on Darwin and the WA border. We are supposed to humanely dispose of them by placing them in a plastic bag and putting them in the freezer. The idea being that they go numb before eventually freezing to death. But when camping all we had were big f***ing rocks to do the deed. Bloody RSPCA do-gooders. When we have no native wildlife left up here, what will they say then? Anyway, I digress. Cane toads suck.
The next day we went to some hot springs for a 'bath'. They were bloody hot, as the name suggests. A cooler stream flows in to the hot one, so if you find the right spot you can get quite comfortable with the mix of temperatures. Then we had to head back home to get the hire car back in time...
We had a great time with our guests. Not enough of them, we say! Good to see family. Miss you guys!

Jack enjoying the view above Edith Falls.

One of the little streams that run down into the Edith River.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Berry Springs

Well, it's holidays and we had hoped to go beyond the NT borders - however fate had dealt us a different hand .. So, we've been slumming it in Darwin during the dry season, lapping up the local sites and doing what we wanna. Vince, Tina, Craig and I went out Berry Springs for a day trip.. Berry Springs is about 50kms (half an hour) out of Darwin and is a well managed park area for people to BBQ, swim, play and enjoy. I've been going to this place since I was a kiddie, it's changed a little, but is still a winner for a quick and easy day trip - lots of trees and shade. The water was warm even in the extreme winter we are having this dry.........

Craig, Tina and Jodi discussing one of the many important and contraversial issues illicited from Womens Day.

Just look at that water!! Nice.. An unusually not-so-crowded day in one of the three pools. There's a little waterfall just to the left of us..

The three amigos..

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Territory Day Part 2

Can only fit 5 photos per blog...

In the midst of the mayhem.

Jodi's favourite photo from the night.

Ant let off a 'Ladybird' - one of those fireworks that lifts off after getting the right amount of thrust under it's wings after spinning on the spot. They shoot straight up - all going to plan. This was Ant's third attempt with the 'Ladybird' - the previous two going off across the sand, dangerously close to the same groups' heads both times.

Territory Day

Yesterday was July 1 - Territory Day! Each year the public is allowed to buy their own crackers to let off between 6pm and 11pm. It's to celebrate 28 years of self-goverment apparently. Of course the usual morons/rebels let them off as soon they bought them (half way through the week), but it is hard to resist!
Anyway we headed down to the foreshore, got a good spot, set up and enjoyed the night. A couple of us ended up with minor burns to thumbs and fingertips, deaf in one ear, and a little edginess. Fireworks were coming thick and fast from all sides. People don't seem to secure them very well (if at all) and they usually end up tipping over and firing horizontally in to other groups of people. Hilarious from a distance! We could also light up a bonfire for the night. Where else in Australia can you sit on a beach, light up a decent fire, drink alcohol in public, urinate in public, and set off fireworks late in to the night?!? I think we're becoming true Territorians...
Photos below are mostly of the obligatory 'time-lapse' kind - good for fireworks!

Our stash. Value packs bought over the counter.

Ant gathering firewood for the bonfire.

One of the first for the night. Usual Nightcliff sunset in background.

Multiple fireworks set off. Looks like a rocket taking off.

Looks like some tropical flower arrangement.