Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Fisher Queen

Last Sunday we went out on a fishing charter. Jodi won a spot on the boat at a quiz night and convinced me to come along for a fish.
She caught the first big fish of the day - a 100cm plus Jewfish. Very pleased with herself - and let all the blokes on the boat know about it too! We cruised from reef to reef, searching for more fish. A lot of smaller reef fish were hauled in and subsequently released.
Later, Jodi caught a large Coral Trout - arguably the best tasting ocean fish around. A few more big Jewfish were caught by the other blokes, then it was time to head back in to shore. Most kicked back and drank some cold Melbourne Bitter cans.
I was cheering, not because of all the great fish I'd caught (I had actually caught a baby shark first up), but because I was so happy to be moving again. Open ocean fishing isn't my forte, and I'd spent the majority of the day throwing up overboard and feeling sorry for myself. Never again!
Jodi had a great day though, and will probably do it again in the future.

Jodi's first ever Jewfish!

Jodi and the Coral Trout