Saturday, April 15, 2006

Renovation Gurus

Shit! It's been a while since our last posting. Everyone's probably given up on reading this thing now. We're currently on the Easter break and have finally finished our freakin' kitchen. Big news, I know, but we're happy. Only got the God-forsaken bathroom to do now.
We had to replace the entire benchtop, the kitchen sink (of course), stove, splash back tiles and all the cupboard doors. We did it all ourselves, which is the good thing about it all. It's a big job, but once its done, and you've given it a go, its pretty bloody rewarding. I'm a bit of a perfectionist myself, so I can see all the 'bodgy' parts - but to the naked eye it has come up a treat. Not quite the $20 000 gourmet kitchen, but a million times better than the brown and cream original late 70s early 80s shite they had here originally! It cost us $2000 all up (including paint for the walls) which is pretty good apparently. Sorry - don't have any before photos - they're all on our over-priced dead IBM laptop that we refuse to pay $1000 to resurrect...

The main view. New Formica benches, sink and cupboard doors.

New 2 burner electric stove top. Has anyone ever used all 4 hotplates at once? (except maybe cooking for a dinner party - which we'll never have here due to the lack of dining suite, plates, room to sit, etc.,etc.)