Friday, January 06, 2006

Stormy Sunset

Being the awesome teachers that we are, we've still got holidays. Neither of us have really touched this computer much since the end of school last year. Today I finally decided to update this blog, due mainly to the awesome stormfront we witnessed coming over Nightcliff last night. Got some great photos so, of course, had to upload them!
It was sunset, but at the same time a huge wall of storm clouds was coming across from the opposite direction. Jodi raced back home to get the camera, and the massive wall had almost passed over our heads. Still got some good shots...

You can see the wall of cloud right up the center of this shot.

The distinct 'wall' has just passed over our
heads (taken with longer exposure time).
This is the sunset at the other end of the foreshore.

Same sunset with the wall of clouds taking up

the top third of the shot now as it advances across.

Palm trees swaying in the wind under the ominous

storm clouds, just before the rain and lightning started.

Happy New Year!

For NYE we decided to escape the rat race. We were invited to go and stay the night about 60km South of Darwin at one of Jodi's work colleague's properties. Joe (the primary school janitor) has about 20 acres, with a half-finished house, couple of sheds, a dam, an above-ground pool, a Harley, an old Norton, and 5 dogs. He and his partner, Lyn, bought it several years ago with the frame of an octagonal house already erected. They have slowly and steadily added to it over the years, so now it provides decent shelter and yet still has a really nice 'open' feeling to it (perhaps accentuated by the lack of windows and doors...). It was really relaxing, so much so that we actually missed the stroke of midnight!

Jodi, Joe and Lyn relaxing in one of the dams.
Joe trying to get the old flying fox working.
Lyn, Joe and Vince playing some pool volleyball
on New Year's Day. Immersing yourself in
cool water is the perfect hangover cure!
Some old pot-bellied frog near the dam.

Happy Festive Season!

For the Christmas break we decided to stay at home in Darwin for a change this year. It will probably be Jodi's parents' last Christmas in Darwin (living here, at least) so we spent it with them. We stayed at some serviced apartments in Cullen Bay - an upmarket marina suburb. We had views over the marina and ocean beyond. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (and night) there.
As an added bonus, Jodi's Mum brought Jodi's brother Darryn up for the occasion.

The view from the balcony.

Jodi and Jean (her Mum) warming up with
some Christmas Eve champagne.

Jean and Darryn.

Jodi on Christmas night with the crazy Santa hat.