Friday, November 18, 2005

Farewell Boys!

Well the big news this week is that the boys have finally left us. Yes, Stevo, Damo and Marty have decided to move on after calling Darwin their home for nearly 2 1/2 years. Steven Tambosoff (sorry Stevo about the spelling) and Damien Cant were Jodi's first friends upon her return to Darwin. They met up at the illustrious Beachfront Hotel while she was still working in the kitchen there, after a 3 year stint in Japan, and they reaquainted her with the Aussie way - primarily through Rugby Union, as the World Cup was on at the time...
They've been great mates ever since. Our age barrier has prevented us (through our own decisions) from going out on the town every weekend, but most other times we've hung out - either on their front verandah or gone on crazy camping trips together -and have especially bonded through music. We've shared and exchanged various CD's, sometimes to mutual delight and respect, other times to disgust and dismay... Does anyone really like John Butler THAT much?!?
So, Boys - we salute you. Good luck on your further travels around Oz. We know that the West Coast will treat you well. Look out for the Perth 'rat-race' (as compared to Darwin), but the beaches and surrounding scenery more than make up for that.
Damo's girlfriend Anja has a photo-journal called Kangaroo Schnitzel (she's of German descent) to keep us updated of their journey from here to the land of the mighty Eagles. Check it out if you want to see an Aussie roadtrip through German eyes!
Cheers boys. Have a good trip. See you round...

Damo, Stevo and Marty hanging tough...

Stevo and Damo at the pub.

Marty saluting the Devil.

Damo and Anja posing for the self-portrait.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Weekend in Perth

A week or so ago I went down to Perth for a whirl-wind weekend visit. Sorry to those of you who I didn't manage to catch up with - but I was a bit pressed for time.
My Gran and Daz (bro) were lovely enough to pick me up from the airport and we had a quick catch up at Gran's place and had a drink or two. Then off to Vikki's place to surprise the pants off her!! Yes, I love the old 'rock up on the doorstep' chestnut. Simon and I had conspired to make sure she was home and kept it all quiet. It worked like a charm, she had no idea and couldn't speak for quite some time - all good. We all had a few drinks and the infamous Hook goat BBQ. T'was a treat!! We should've gone to bed early, but we didn't. We shouldn't have drunk so much, but we did. Oh well, some lessons are REALLY hard to learn.
Saturday was a blur of traffic and shopping - something we probably could've done without, but that was my request. I'll remember for next time....
Saturday arvo we had to rush off to Caroline and Jeremy's Wedding Celebration dinner. I thought we were going over for a BBQ, but it turned out to be a sit-down dinner (lucky Vik made me call Liney before hand). Very nicely held at Jeremy's folks house in East Perth on the Swan. Gorgeous!! Ended up being a VERY late, fun night. I'll let the photo's do the talking (Damn, can only put a few on - I'll have to send emails).
Sunday we weren't feeling too hot, but managed to drag our sorry butts out of the house for some Spring weather. It was fabulous to catch up with the people I did, and I actually enjoyed Perth - especially its cool weather which was a nice relief from the Darwin build-up. It is good to be home again and relaxing though!

The stunning Vikki!


Jeremy, Caroline and Jack Schooland.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

CD Review: Ugly Duckling

Bought Ugly Duckling's latest yesterday, Bang For The Buck. The initial listen made me think it was going to be more of the same formula from their last CD - a little too happy for my taste. Their last album Taste The Secret had too many novelty songs for my liking. This one sees a welcome return more towards their first album's style. Its nothing earth-shattering, nor are their lyrics gonna change the world. But I'd recommend it for a party or some upbeat background music. It's funky, still retains some organic elements, has a few electronic samples - but nothing as terrible as the Beasties' last effort. Hip Hop Lite at its best! 3.5/5