Friday, November 18, 2005

Farewell Boys!

Well the big news this week is that the boys have finally left us. Yes, Stevo, Damo and Marty have decided to move on after calling Darwin their home for nearly 2 1/2 years. Steven Tambosoff (sorry Stevo about the spelling) and Damien Cant were Jodi's first friends upon her return to Darwin. They met up at the illustrious Beachfront Hotel while she was still working in the kitchen there, after a 3 year stint in Japan, and they reaquainted her with the Aussie way - primarily through Rugby Union, as the World Cup was on at the time...
They've been great mates ever since. Our age barrier has prevented us (through our own decisions) from going out on the town every weekend, but most other times we've hung out - either on their front verandah or gone on crazy camping trips together -and have especially bonded through music. We've shared and exchanged various CD's, sometimes to mutual delight and respect, other times to disgust and dismay... Does anyone really like John Butler THAT much?!?
So, Boys - we salute you. Good luck on your further travels around Oz. We know that the West Coast will treat you well. Look out for the Perth 'rat-race' (as compared to Darwin), but the beaches and surrounding scenery more than make up for that.
Damo's girlfriend Anja has a photo-journal called Kangaroo Schnitzel (she's of German descent) to keep us updated of their journey from here to the land of the mighty Eagles. Check it out if you want to see an Aussie roadtrip through German eyes!
Cheers boys. Have a good trip. See you round...

Damo, Stevo and Marty hanging tough...

Stevo and Damo at the pub.

Marty saluting the Devil.

Damo and Anja posing for the self-portrait.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Weekend in Perth

A week or so ago I went down to Perth for a whirl-wind weekend visit. Sorry to those of you who I didn't manage to catch up with - but I was a bit pressed for time.
My Gran and Daz (bro) were lovely enough to pick me up from the airport and we had a quick catch up at Gran's place and had a drink or two. Then off to Vikki's place to surprise the pants off her!! Yes, I love the old 'rock up on the doorstep' chestnut. Simon and I had conspired to make sure she was home and kept it all quiet. It worked like a charm, she had no idea and couldn't speak for quite some time - all good. We all had a few drinks and the infamous Hook goat BBQ. T'was a treat!! We should've gone to bed early, but we didn't. We shouldn't have drunk so much, but we did. Oh well, some lessons are REALLY hard to learn.
Saturday was a blur of traffic and shopping - something we probably could've done without, but that was my request. I'll remember for next time....
Saturday arvo we had to rush off to Caroline and Jeremy's Wedding Celebration dinner. I thought we were going over for a BBQ, but it turned out to be a sit-down dinner (lucky Vik made me call Liney before hand). Very nicely held at Jeremy's folks house in East Perth on the Swan. Gorgeous!! Ended up being a VERY late, fun night. I'll let the photo's do the talking (Damn, can only put a few on - I'll have to send emails).
Sunday we weren't feeling too hot, but managed to drag our sorry butts out of the house for some Spring weather. It was fabulous to catch up with the people I did, and I actually enjoyed Perth - especially its cool weather which was a nice relief from the Darwin build-up. It is good to be home again and relaxing though!

The stunning Vikki!


Jeremy, Caroline and Jack Schooland.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

CD Review: Ugly Duckling

Bought Ugly Duckling's latest yesterday, Bang For The Buck. The initial listen made me think it was going to be more of the same formula from their last CD - a little too happy for my taste. Their last album Taste The Secret had too many novelty songs for my liking. This one sees a welcome return more towards their first album's style. Its nothing earth-shattering, nor are their lyrics gonna change the world. But I'd recommend it for a party or some upbeat background music. It's funky, still retains some organic elements, has a few electronic samples - but nothing as terrible as the Beasties' last effort. Hip Hop Lite at its best! 3.5/5

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Saturday night

Hi everyone, just writing for the sake of it really. Maybe give you all an insight of our lives in Darwin. It's been pretty damn hot these days - kind of hard to explain unless you've experienced it. Often the weather is very still in the mornings and extremely humid, it doesn't take long for the sun to unleash its fury. I reckon every afternoon it looks like it's gonna rain.. Has all the signs and symptoms, but rarely any joy - especially out our way in Nightcliff. There's been a bit of rain down the track, but the clouds have all emptied by the time they reach us.. Bit disappointing, but hey - that's the build up. Hoping for a wet and wild cyclone season - nothing too devastating, fingers crossed....

On Saturday night Vince and I ventured down to the beach - yet again, to get the wonderful breeze, suck down a few bevvies and have some dinner. T'was a most enjoyable evening. We got home pretty late and popped into the pool for a quick dip before bed... Great idea!! EXCEPT Vince's shoulder popped out again!! Just diving into the pool.. Bit of a bummer to say the least - it's definitely time for some surgery wethinks.

The living room painting is proving to be a very slow process.... Getting all the prep done - slowly, but should get some results in the next month or so..

Here are some more pics of the foreshore, my favourite place in Darwin.. Don't think I'll ever get sick of taking photo's down there...... Happy Sunday everybody!

Vin relaxing with a beerio and tackling a sudoku for kicks.

The jetty during sunset from where we were sitting.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Edith Falls

Went on a school camp last week for 3 days/2 nights. Myself, 2 other adults and 6 students travelled to Edith Falls, which is part of Nitmiluk National Park. It's about 3hrs drive south of Darwin - just outside of Katherine.
We had to do it as part of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. The theme for our expedition was bushwalking, so that's exactly what we did. It was only 9km return, but the walk in was badly timed: 1pm in 36C heat and high humidity. Not smart! The 4.5km journey took us over 4 hours to complete. We had to carry all our gear - clothes, tents, food, cooking equipment - and we only just managed to make it with a swim halfway along the track.
Anyway, the next day we returned to the main campground and were able to relax for the rest of our stay in a semi-civilised camping park (the kiosk, flushing toilets and showers were lifesavers...).
1st night at Sweetwater Pool.
Day 3: Edith Falls at dawn.
Pontoon at Edith Falls pool.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mango Madness

It's that time of year again for Northern Australians. The build-up. Up in Darwin they call it Mango Madness... It's mango season and we're picking them up for $2.50 a kilo. Pretty good! Having them for breakfast in the form of mango smoothies (with a dash of lime), but just on their own they're good! It's also good to know some people in-the-know when we get a bag or so for free....
The flipside up here is the build-up. It's when the weather changes to 90% humidity and the temperature is up around 35C. Finally it breaks open in late December when the monsoonal rains hit, but before then it "builds up" to that breaking point. Everyone goes crazy up to that point. I recall some anecdotal evidence of Darwin having the highest suicidal rate over the build-up, and especially on Christmas Day. When the rains finally hit, the majority of people jump out in the street and do a 'rain dance' because they're so sick of the oppressive humidity and heat. The rains bring sweet relief! Only 2 months to go...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Peace Lily

We have this plant on our balcony. It's just started to blossom. One of the flowers is starting to open up. Jodi thought it looked semi-'erotic' : ala Robert Mapplethorpe. Took some photos, but they don't quite live up to the standards of that great photographer...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

CD Ripping Complete...

Phew! Just finished ripping all our CDs in to MP3s via iTunes today. Bit of a pain in the arse, but I got in to the zone after awhile. The total on the computer doesn't include every single song in the collection - that'd be retarded - numerous tracks have been omitted due to us not liking them anymore, which is a good thing! When, where and why did I buy some of that shite?!? Anyway, we now have 9 solid days of non-stop music, which is all on the iPod too. We can now play it through the new stereo in our car via a direct cable (did away with the iTrip FM transmitter too!). It's all good...

12.44GB ain't bad. Won't have to worry about extra storage yet - Stew has 100GB worth!?!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Birthday Hangover

Well, its the morning (afternoon actually) after Jodi's 30th. She seems quite perky today, which makes it harder for me when I feel like death warmed up...
Had a good night down on the foreshore. Jodi's parents, Ant & Renee, Pierre Le Coont & Eva, Dutchie, Stevo, Damo & Anja, Reader & Mary, Craig & Maxine, Aaron, some itinerants, and some other freaks all turned out for the event.
I listed all these names because we didn't actually take any photos of them. The two below are from when we just got set up down there - the last time the camera was pulled out! Also missed getting one of the brilliant ice-cream cake Craig and I made for Jodi - full of Tim Tam balls with sprinkles on top. It was so easy to make and tasted pretty bloody good. Later on we had a fire down below on the beach. I think a good time was had by all...

Jodi settling in under a palm tree as the sun starts to go down.

The setting on the foreshore. Jodi in the chair in the middle of the picture.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Litchfield (again!)

Well, it's holiday time again, and that's a good enough reason for us to head off to Litchfield Park - yes, again. We have also recently met Maxine (from England), so we thought we'd better show her some of the sites around Darwin. It's impossible to get sick of this place - swimming, playing, drinking - what more could you want? We hooked up with some people and had a jolly ole time frolicking around. Here are some pic's.....

Maxine, Craig, Jodi and Vince - you know, just hanging around signs, as you do! You really don't know what you're missing out on up here!?!

Ahh, the infamous ..(Can't remember the name?).. castle from Czech Republic, not the real one of course. One of the (many?) spectacles of Batchelor. Maxine sure looks pretty impressed!!!!

Craig, Red ball, Amelia, Katherine and John - doing what you're supposed to do at Buley Rock Holes. Cool off, hang out and splash about with toys that scare off the tourists.. But where are the beers? Must've been a bit early?..

John, Amelia and Katherine getting ready for another swim at Wangi falls. The fun never stops!!! Come and visit, and you TOO could be a part of the action!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Smoker's Toes

Just finished a logo for our beach volleyball team. It shall go on the front of our shirts. The sand we play in has an orange tinge to it. After the game, everyone ends up having yellow-orange toes and toenails. It stays on there for weeks! It resembles the stain you see on smoker's fingers - hence the name of our team, The Smoker's Toes...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Where We Live

Jodi bought a unit in the seaside suburb of Nightcliff earlier this year. Nightcliff is a pretty nice place to live. We're a street back from the foreshore, have free tennis courts over the road, are within walking distance to the only beachfront pub in Darwin (called The Beachfront Hotel, funnily enough), not far from the shops, and about 10 minutes drive from the city centre. One thing I don't miss about Perth is the sprawl and traffic problems. Seems like they're doing more work on their Public Transport system down there (see Fat Caterpillar blog). Everytime I've been to Perth they're doing more f***ing roadworks! Anyway, I digress...
Our unit is a renovator's dream, and we're in the middle of painting it at the moment. 2 bedrooms, combined bathroom and laundry, etc etc, but it's a hell of step up from our place in Japan, as far as space goes!
Below are some pics from the foreshore - just a short stroll away to catch one of the best sunsets of any capital city in the world...
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Nightcliff in red. Darwin city in orange....

Nightcliff Jetty

Coloured stone cliffs on the beach

Nightcliff beach

Jodi's mum's dog Lizzy (admiring the sunset?!?)

Perfect example of Top End sunset...


One of the great things about living in Darwin is that its one of the only places left in Australia where you can legally set off personal fireworks. Although its only allowed one day of the year (Territory Day), everyone makes sure that its a bloody good day!
We went down to the foreshore, near our place, and set off all of ours, with some drinks and a BBQ to compliment them.
It's always lots of fun, especially with large numbers of people (including kids and dogs), limited areas, and alcohol in the mix. No injuries from our party were reported this year... Posted by Picasa

Jodi's 30 next week!

You're invited to Jodi's 30th birthday! This invite is, of course, an amended version of the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman original film poster... View more posters in their original glory at Atomic Pinup. Has some interesting titles - mostly from the fifties - with some steamy book covers too. Visual proof that women were seen as wicked temptresses, just waiting for any opportunity to lead a clean-cut man astray... Posted by Picasa

Kakadu National Park

Yellow Water, with pelican.

Jabiru's nest on top of tree.


Night Herron

Big saltie in Yellow Waters, Kakadu. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 23, 2005

Welcome Back...

Darwinian Theory has been resurrected (sort of). After putting off the Blog thing for a while, we have finally given in to the phenomenon. It contains pretty much the same stuff as our last site - mainly pictures, but a few other things too (probably not as well-maintained/designed as Stew's Fat Caterpillar though!). Enjoy!