Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cool afternoons.

 Lawn mowing with Nana.

 One handed already!

 Garden watering.

 Kai "walking" Lizzi.

 Kai "walking" with Nana.

 The locals.

 The boys trying to fit in.

Mum and Dad's place in the background.

Good times in Gympie..

 Loving bath time!

 Down hill Triking!

 The SuperVan!

 Thrill seekers going back for more!

 Helping Nana make some jelly for Trifle!!  YUM!

Poor Lizzi gets more attention than she wants sometimes....

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Markets ride.

 Train ride - yep, Mum making toot toot sounds and signs...  Dag.

 Kai relaxed a bit after a while.

 Croc sighting!

 Merrigoround - Van on the horse.  Pretty chuffed.

 Kai on his plane!

 Sound effects and all.

The boys loved it!

Added few from Mum's camera.


 Duck Feeding.

 Nana and Van.

 Van and the flying fox.

 Getting a helping hand.

 My Turn!

 Kai didn't really want a turn.

 Kai didn't want a photo either.

Reluctant photo with Mum.

Feeding the Dolphins at Tin Can Bay.

 At Tin Can Bay by 7:30am.  Not a bad effort.  The boys playing the sand before hand.

 Resident pelican asserting its authority!

 Kai, Van and Nana waiting for their turn.

 Kai and Van checking out the Dolphin food. 

 Kai enjoying a little play.

 Van feeding the dolphin.

Myself and Kai (I'm holding him on the other side) feeding the dolphin.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quiet Day.

Pat, Mum's neighbour, gave us some of her toys to play with!


 I love this photo.  The boys on a mission!  Taking the dog for a walk.

 Feeding the birds and turtles again.

 Kai helping Nani walk Lizzi.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Sunshine Coast.

 Tin Can Bay yesterday afternoon for a play while Nana went Dragon boating.

 The days are long when the sun comes up before 5am!!  Bright and early taking the dog for a walk.

 Lizzi and the boys.

 Nana and the boys in Hervey Bay.

 Out the front of Aqua Vue in Hervey Bay.  The boys played while we had some food at the cafe.

Van wanted to go in for a swim but it was just a little too windy and cool.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Morning Gardening..

 Eye balling the green tomatoes.

 Picking the tomatoes.

 One of each.


 Filling up the bird feeder.

Hiding in the bamboo.